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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for the welcome to a couple above. I spend a bit of time reading this forum on my phone, thus I don't post much here as typing is not the most fun on a little keyboard. Some good info here, i've been digging through for which rev to buy. Now i'm just stuck on colour I figure i'll slip it in the bag with my kitesurfing kites so in summer when it's sub 12 knots and crappy for kiteboarding i'll use the Rev on the beach instead. I had a HQ Baby Tanna, Prism Nexus and Quantum however I got bored of the two lines very very quickly. The few goes of other people's revs has my interest sparked. Regards, .Joel
  2. Hi Guys, We are giving away a your choice of a couple of kites, however the one that I think would interest you is a Revolution 1.5 SLE 2009. If you win you have the choice of either the Standard or the SUL for light wind. The competition is open worldwide, we will post the kite to you globally at our cost. Full Details: Win a Nirvana SE or a Revolution 1.5 SLE! Note: I have cleared that i'm permitted to post this with "johnnmitchell" before posting, the kite is original, we don't give away knock offs Good luck to all, and watch out when flying your rev one handed Perhaps you know this guy Promethius? Regards, .Joel
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