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  1. Thanks for the welcome! RS67Man, I noticed that Night Rev in the mega fly... it stood out for me. So what made you choose the Night kite and how do you like it when compared with the more common Rev B colours? Yrna, yeah, kind of strange how the dual line flying eventually loses it interest. I am thinking that many possibilities that the Rev offers should keep quad line flying going for me for a long time to come. Can't wait to get going! We are just confirming some final details needed for tenting at the upcoming Kite Festival in Long Beach Washington. I haven't been there in ages but used to love to go to that big air event in years past. I hope I get enough flying in when the new Rev comes that I can at least keep it in the air when I get down to the festival in August. I'll probably be bugging you guys for some tips so look out!
  2. I used to fly dual lines back in the day when you'd be lucky to see one Rev on the field. I was intrigued by the new kite shape but strangely my, then, kite flying pal poo-poo'd them. So we flew the dual lines till life interfered, the kites got stored, dusty, neglected and then finally sold off before the nylon wasted totally away. I kept one kite, my 3/4 'Top of the Line' North Shore Extreme, anyone remember those? It was a agile little kite that I had learned to fly on and its sowen and glued nose attested to the many crashes I and other learners had put it through. A few weeks ago, having dug out my rainbow dual line for a little old time flying down at Garry Point near Vancouver, another flyer welcomed me and in conversation mentioned the upcoming annual kite festival at Vanier Park. Those days of kite festivals have such warm memories for me so I borrowed my friends' three year old and took her for a day with the kites. She loved the teddy bear drop, I loved the 16 Rev mega fly! I was totally stoked after watching the precise and creative maneuvers of the quad line kites at that annual BCKA festival on Saturday. Late that night I was hovering over the netbook doing search after search, gathering knowledge and information on the Revolution kite. By Tuesday of the following week I had a B-Series Night Rev on order from 'A Wind of Change'. B-series seemed a good place to start according to much that I had read and the highly praised online store carried the Night kite whose colours were particularly appealing to me as I am one to shy away from too many dark or subdued colours on a kite sail. My goals are clear. I want to build up the basic skills necessary to fly in a group. Group flying was not something I had done much in the past, well not flying purposefully in patterns with others, though I suppose you could say we often flew in groups, with many of us on the field, yet each of us flying in our own world. I would love to fly together, really together, with others and it looks like the Rev is throwing the door wide open for kite flyers everywhere to join together in flying. How very exciting! I am very cautiously also hoping that some day I will have developed the skill to actually fly as part of a team. I know there is the local Island Quad team nearby but I'm not sure if there is actually a Vancouver team of Rev flyers....well nevermind, if there isn't one now maybe by the time I'm become a real Rev flyer a team will emerge and I'll be there following the leader. In the meantime, I wait, trying not to be impatient as I dust off my kite skills with my little dual line. Winds of Change have said that due to the Night Rev's popularity, they are out of stock at the moment...ahhhhhhh...<thud>.... ...patience my heart, patience!
  3. Excellent vid! Great flying. Beautiful sky. Editing and music very well done. thanks for sharing! cheers, Erin
  4. Great festival at Vanier this weekend for sure. I was reminded of this annual event a few weeks ago by Diane who I met while flying my very neglected and now more than a decade old North Shore Extreme sport kite. My interest was piqued due in large part to Diane's great enthusiasm and warm welcome at Garry Point. So I showed up on Saturday at Vanier with my 3 year old pal in tow (yes she is my youngest friend and a lot of the time tends to be loads more fun that a lot of my adult buddies). We had a blast at the festival. The sight of so many Rev's blew me away (pun intended). Back in my day, when Ray first taught me to fly the dual line kites, it was rare to see even one Rev on the field. This weekend the sight of 16 of these snappy kites flying together at one time left a big impression on me. I went home and researched the Rev's. So much Rev action happening all over the world! Excellent! I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to some day be out there flying with the gang, my own Rev up there with the rest of the Rev crowd. Life is short. I hopped to it and ordered a B-Night Rev cause I liked its lack-of-black colour scheme and the B-series cause I thought it would be most suitable, down the road, to fly with others. As soon as the new Rev arrives I shall be down at Vanier learning to fly it. You'll recognize me, crashing and learning. Feel free to come by with some tips and advice for this 'returning to the fold' flyer.
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