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  1. Thank you Tom, that was very helpful. I am just slowly getting the hang of the various Rev options. Your explanation has sorted out quite a few things for me. BTW, that Rev photo is amazingly cool looking! cheers, Erin
  2. So Tom, you are saying then that the SLE Rev's would be fine for team flying then? Yes, I had seen mostly B series in teams so thought they were the preferred kite for groups. SLE comes fully vented, yes? And the 1/4 inch frame would be the same as the 4 wrap?
  3. Fortflyer Awindofchange, that sounds intriguing....I may go new if I can't scare a used Rev out of someone's kite bag... I'm pretty set on staying with the B-series though because my hope is to be able to do some team flying in the future once I have built the necessary skills.
  4. A Rev flyer simply can not own just ONE Rev! I've been loving my JB Night Rev and having a total blast flying it now that I got the basics kind of figured out. Today the wind was whipping big time and a half an hour into my flying I had to take the Rev down for fear of stretching out the sail. Now I see why you say its a good idea to have a vented Rev! So I'm here a'beggin. I would love to have a vented B series Rev for the bigger winds. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to lighten their kite bag by selling me a full vent? I feel a Rev addiction coming on. I would love to be able to fly in most wind conditions and now that I am on summer holidays I've got the time to do so. Please let me know if you've got a vented Rev that you would like to get a few dollars for and know that it will be seeing more air time here in Vancouver than, perhaps, there in your kite duffle. thanks! Erin
  5. Thanks guys! Bartman, the suggestions you posted in some of my earlier threads were very helpful to me. Also I enjoy reading your Kite Blog; thanks for sharing your flying experiences.
  6. Well it seems the hardest part of flying a Rev, as it turns out, is messing with the lines! Once I'd dealt with my bad line karma I've started having a blast with my Rev. Second time flying and I'm able to hover horizontally and vertically, fly figure 8's, do basic spins and launch and land. Its such a delight to fly the Night kite with its bright colours shimmering in the sunlight. My new kite friend Sue also started learning to fly at Rev at the same time as I did and she too is having lots of success and seems to really be enjoying herself. With any luck we'll be able to develope enough skills to team fly some day.
  7. Hey David, it was really nice to meet you and Megan today - thanks for coming down to the park.
  8. Be sure to wear those sunglasses this afternoon then Monkey, cause I'll be (attempting) to fly my Rev .... you're sure to spot it if you just take a peek out of your office window or, better yet, get your spars and sails down to Vanier!
  9. We tentatively planned to meet Cal down at Vanier tomorrow (Wed) afternoon David. Be great if you could come too! I hope to be over at the park two or three days, during the week, next week as well. Hope to meet you soon. (I'll be easy to spot....the erratic, nearly out of control, B series - night Rev.) cheers, Erin
  10. Well I think I'll hold off on the travel frame too. Besides, its $85 Cdn plus tax and shipping which feels a little pricey.
  11. I'll be looking for you for sure then! I bought some new lines today, 85 ft was all they had in stock but thought I'd give them a try because I didn't want to have to wait for shipping if I ordered some online. Got some tips from Cal today down at Vanier and actually managed to launch the kite and start working on some basics. It was nice to finally get the fly the Rev.
  12. I spent some more time reading older posts in the forum and came across a number of fliers who also had to toss their first set of quad lines due to beyond-the-pale tangles....now I don't feel so bad! The local kite store has been unexpectedly closed for the past few days. I will check again today and then if the shop is still not open, in order not to be sidelined for too long with the Rev itching to be in the air, I'll order some new lines online. I'm also going to go with a second winder so that I can keep the two sets separated more easily until I get the hang of this four line business. later, Erin
  13. Oh that's very good to know. We often have light winds here in Vancouver, well at least I think of them as 'light'. What mph is a 3 wrap designed for?
  14. I'm thinking of getting a travel frame for my B series 1.5 so as to be able to fit it into my bike panniers. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this frame and, if so, how you like it. Does it still have the stability needed in a frame in spite of its 'shorter bits'? thanks, Erin
  15. My first time out with my new 1.5 saw me spending more time unraveling the tangle I managed to get my lines into than actually trying to get the kite in the air. It seems the reverse launch and all the twists that ensued as I tried to get the kite right side up and stop its wild spins which followed my overcompensating with the handles left the lines in an almost hopeless mess. A kite field pal, Sue, was kind enough to help me sort out the worst of the rat's nest so I could at least wind up the line and head home....feeling kind of sheepish about my lame practice session. Today when I got to the kite field, early so I could try to practice without upsetting or distracting weekend flyers with my anticipated many crashes, the lines were still tangled once I had undone them from the winder. To my astonishment Ray Bethell, amazing world class flyer and local to our field, was out early as well. He felt the easterly wind that was blowing was 'sh*tty; in his own words, and with hardly a further comment, he started to help me untangle my quad lines. Patient is not an adequate word to desribe his approach to this kiter flyer's nightmare. At one point, an hour into our project, he quipped, "And you thought kite flying was supposed to be fun!" which put a smile back on my face. An hour and a half into the intricacies of straightening out the four lines, a cyclist took a short cut, off of the nearby bike path and across the flying field and RIGHT TRHOUGH THE QUAD LINES! AAAAhhhhhhh.......<thud>... We couldn't believe it! Two lines were cut and midway between the handles and the staked ends that we had alnost reached in our untangle efforts was a huge ball of knotted line, the size of a cantalope. I really was close to tears at this point. The only thing Ray said was, "And we almost had it, didn't we?" The mess was too knotted to salvage. I packed up, gave Ray a hearty hug and headed home.
  16. Ah, yes, I know the feeling. I've been out twice with my new 1.5 and haven't really even had it in the air yet! Sounds and looks like fun when you read what other flyers have to say and see their vids but OH YEAH, this kite takes some messing with it before joining the 'dark side' which everyone seems to say when you're new to the Rev....dark, as in frustrating and confusing....? I'm sure that's not what they mean but it certainly feels like it as a beginner, doesn't it?
  17. I think I needed to hear that. Thanks Bart. So much info available on how to fly a Rev, and some of it feels kind of conflicting for someone like me just starting. I'm sure it will all fall into place over time.
  18. What a great suggestion, to tip the kite THEN launch it. I thought from the Rev DVD that you had to launch it from the LE down position and was having a really tough time getting to spin round in the air once I got it off the ground. I'll try to get out tomorrow for a flying shesh and give that technique a try. Thanks a lot! Also, I am running 100 ft line and wondering if it would be easier to learn on shorter lines, say 75 ft?
  19. Well my new and first Rev arrived this week. Today was a perfect wind day, sun shining, I couldn't wait to hit Vanier Park to try out the quad. For good luck I put up my single line parafoil with its 50 foot tails. It sat politely off to the side as I set up the Night Series 1.5 for the first time. And then the fun began! Trying to fly that thing was like riding a bronco. Up, sideways, down, flip around, spin on the flat.....sheesh, who would've thought I'd be walking back and forth this much! And then there was the line snarl. Guess it wasn't such a good idea to try launching, over and over with the lines crossed, eh? That one took an hour and a half to sort out. Glad it was such a nice day out as I sat on the grass under the single line, unraveling the four lines. This Rev beast has very little in common with the its dual.line cousins, that's one thing I now know for sure! So I just read through the Rev manual, the link of which was posted here. I like the idea of launching with the leading edge up as I found trying to get the kite turned over while lifting off with the leading edge down, today, was quite a challenge. But there seems be a lot of criticism of this manual for suggesting the leading edge up launch. Well if I don't go that route, I wonder is there is an explanation somewhere that describes the hand positions for a leading edge down launch. I watched the DVD that came with the kite but it all happens so quickly I really still don't have a solid sense of what is going on in a Rev launch. Anyways, luckily I have a month of summer holidays coming up....plenty of time to practice and judging by today's three ring circus, I'm going to need it!
  20. airin


    Got it....thanks Theresa!
  21. Impressive! Those short lines make it possible to fly in some interesting and unlikely places, don't they?
  22. Inspiring flying. Nice vid. What length lines are you running there?
  23. Hah, good reason! Yup, I look forward to meeting you and all the other Rev'ers at Long Beach. Already excited!
  24. airin


    Hey gang, I'm just in the process of booking my tent site for four days of the festival. Looks like I have a ride back to Vancouver BC on the Monday but not sure about getting there on the Thursday. I am wondering is anyone more local to this area can tell me whether there is bus access to Long Beach? I'll start digging around on the web but I thought a few tips from a local, or almost local, might save me a lot of time. thanks, Erin
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