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    Singing to the choir, singing to the choir......
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    John, thanks for your helpful reply. January release....well, maybe with the right winds I'll be enough of a pilot for the Zen by then. Given our light winds here of late, I could really see having a Zen as a back up to the 1.5, as you have suggested. cheers, Erin
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    Looking good John, thanks for posting that link! Now here's my questions, forgive me for a newbie's bluntness and unbridled enthusiasm: Is the Zen a good option for a relatively new 1.5 Rev flyer? What lines is it best flown with, i.e length and weight? When will it be available to buy? What will the kite cost? thanks for your time, Erin
  4. Thanks for all the input and offers! I'm really looking forward to meeting many of you at WSIKF and am sure I'm going to learn more about flying Revs in a few days there than everything I've gleaned in my summer of flying so far!
  5. Sounds good - great idea, one line set to be modified to into two! thanks, Erin
  6. I am planning on picking up a set of long lines, 120 ft/90# for future team flying (I know, I've got a ways to go before that happens but I want to be all prepared for when it does) and a set of short lines for flying in tight spots. Hopefully I can get the lines when I am down at WSIKF this month to save a little on shipping and customs. What I am wondering is which combo of short lines to get? Some folks talk about often flying with 30 ft/ 90# lines and then recently someone mentioned that they like to fly at sunset with 50 ft/ 50# lines. What do folks here think, if I go with just one set of lines shorter than my current 85ft/90# lines, what would it be? thanks, Erin
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    I'm in two Rev's deep already and now I have to have the ZEN! I need it now with our low wind summer taunting me and making it difficult to build the skill base I need and want in order to begin team flying. Who's taking the orders?! Please put me down for a ghost ZEN. (Any chance they will be available to buy down a WSIKF?)
  8. I never tire of seeing loads of kites in the sky like that!
  9. I'm interested in these questions too Acrilix. I am running 85 foot lines right now and was thinking about whether to grab a set of 120 feet for select conditions and for future possible team flying. As well I wondered whether some shorter lines would be worth investing in to allow for flying in tight spots or, perhaps, again, certain wind conditions. In other words, would different length lines allow for a greater ability to maximize on different winds conditions and/or differing flying locations?
  10. Thanks Jynx! I never get tired of seeing the "Night" up there shimmering in the sun. Such a beautiful combo of colours for sure!
  11. Wow, that is one very cool kite! Gotta love their method for venting it.
  12. airin


    How lucky is this!? I am fortunate to be getting a lift from Terry and Mario. Sweet. I really appreciate this guys! And yes, I'd be up for a breakfast thingie too, if it works out, on Thursday morning.
  13. Probably a dumb question, but why double knot sometimes and single knot others? Does it matter much whether the line is double knotted or single knotted?
  14. Thanks guys, you've been a big help!
  15. I am wondering what the best way of equalizing a set of lines is? I have some dual lines where one line has stretched and also a set of quad lines that were broken which I am now turning into dual lines. What's the most foolproof (and idiot proof) method of getting the lines even and knotted? As well, I don't currently have a sleeving kite but I do have some salvaged sleeving I can use. What can I use to thread the line through the sleeving? thanks for your help, Erin
  16. Your kite looks great Joe, excellent name for it too! Have fun flying!
  17. My new purple and white 1.5 SLE with its 4 wrap rods arrived in the mail last week and I haven't flown it yet! As a result there's lots of pent up kite energy; I'm about ready to burst! What with the heat wave causing low to no winds, fireworks displays absconding with the kite flying park and family obligations, the new Rev has not seen any air time yet. How criminal! But good news is not far away. The weather pattern should shift this week and some free time is coming my way on Tuesday. Can't wait to see that new sail in the air!
  18. Good winds are a gift to the new kite flyer. I hope some of the suggestions posted above help you out. Once you get a single good wind day/location, you will fall totally in love with flying the Rev, for sure!
  19. I hear you Walt. We came close to 40 degrees here too yesterday. Almost no wind. And funny that you should mention your upright freezer as our fridge started to overheat with the motor whining loudly until we pulled it out from the wall and put a fan to the rear of the unit. I dare not run my mothership PC for fear of the power unit overheating in these temps as well. We simply are not set up for this kind of heat wave nor are our machines acclimatized to these soaring temps! In the meantime I have found that drinking a cold beer while practicing my bamboo flute actually did wonders for relaxing my technique during some of the more technical drills that I am working on.
  20. You've got that right Monkey. Crazy hot for Vancouver BC right now. I was down at Vanier Park this morning but the spotty winds and baked grass made for a less than ideal day for flying. That said, its always a lovely spot to be at with the boats cruising right by and the ocean stretching out and away....just a lot hotter than we're used to right now. I decided that maybe swimming made more sense on a day like today than flying so I packed up the Rev and headed for the nice refreshing waters of English Bay. It was 34 degrees on our balcony when I got home and I live in the cooler part of the city.
  21. OK, please count me in for a B series Night Rev, my first Rev - totally love the way the colours on this kite shimmer in the sun. And, in the mail, soon to be taking to the skys on the big wind days at Vanier Park, is a purple and white 1.5 SLE full vent. Yeeeehaaaa! Erin checks in with 2 Revs!
  22. This thread is very timely for me given I have just ordered a 1.5 SLE vented (with the standard frame). I'm really looking forward to trying it out in windy conditions but I don't think I'll still be flying once the breeze hits 40+....LOL
  23. Thanks Jim. Yeah, I'm looking forward to trying the 1.5 and am glad I'm going to have a vented kite with me so that I can fly in more wind conditions. Very skillful of you to sew the vents into your Rev's yourselves. Nice kites too!
  24. By way of an update, after a little casting about for a used vented Rev and finding that most Rev lovers are loathe to release a single Rev from their kite bags, I decided to buy a purple and white 1.5 SLE with a standard frame from Kent. I really appreciate all the help here from you more experienced Rev'ers who explained the various ins and outs of Rev models and their particular flying applications. cheers, Erin
  25. That is totally brilliant! Love that kite too.
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