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    What an incredible time for this newbie Rev flyer at WSIKF this year! Just wonderful to meet the folks that make up the Rev Family. It is a honour and privilege to be part of such a warm and kind community. Special thanks to Terry and Mario for kicking off the event for me with a delightful adventure in just getting to the festival. Thanks to Cathy for her warm welcome, to Steve, Bob, Dianne, Penny, Willow, Ben, Theresa and the many others that were so open hearted in sharing their enthusiasm for quad line flying. And a huge thank you to John who showed such patience and consideration to those of us new to flying Revs and for the time he took to give me a hands on lesson that was like magic in how it impacted my approach to developing the basic techniques of Rev flying.
  2. airin


    Leaving at noon today to meet up with Terry and Mario over in Victoria for the Blackball ferry ride to Port Angeles and then the drive down the Olympic Peninsula to Long Beach. I'm guessing we'll be there around midnight....see you all tomorrow morning, save some wind for us, eh?!
  3. Ha, ha, ha..... ...well I dunno guys...... I had a great time flying in some nice steady westerlies yesterday and could do some reasonable up and down inverted plus some half decent inverted hovers and landings but I'd have to say my control in doing inverted slides still has a good ways to go. I'll definitely be looking to learn from the pros at the kite festival this week but certainly am not group flying material yet. Not to worry though, I am loving the feeling of flying the quad kite and will savour the learning experience, resisting the temptation to rush gaining the techniques, as much a possible.
  4. Great pix - made me feel like I was there with you! Looks like everyone, including and, perhaps, especially the dog, had a great time.
  5. Perhaps for flying two dual line kites at the same time?
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    Winds were awesome yesterday here in Vancouver and supposed to be good today again too. I'm getting in some last minute flying before heading down to join the party for a Thursday morning start. See you all soon!
  7. Nice work RS676Man! Sign me up for one of those!
  8. Ahhh, Line Equalizer! Who knew they had such a thing for fliers. Sheesh. Ok, add it to the list, maybe pick one up at the WSIK...my kite bag is rather quickly filling up.
  9. Ha. ha...those replies made me laugh....I guess you'd have to expect that on this forum. Baloo, I have flow quite a few dualies back in the day but nowadays when I want to help someone connect to sport kites without overwhelming them I actually dig out my Prism Snapshot 1.4. No spars to break and the 1.4 is very agile, not at all lumbering like a lot of the traction foils, and it does not have the nasty drag-you-across-the-field pull that some foils have yet it still lets you know you are connected to the wind. I find this kite to be quite affordable and a lot of bang for not that much buck. cheers, Erin
  10. That was helpful Simon, thanks for filming and posting that. BTW, what is the green device that you were using there to check the lines against each other?
  11. airin


    ...kids, we're all just like kids here, kids right before Christmas!
  12. airin


    120 lines will be waiting for me down there, thanks to Theresa. Got a 1.5. Speed can usually be controlled, hovers are coming along, backwards - yup usually, ohhhhh: inverted slide left to right - sadly, not there yet but can count to twenty, usually know my left from right, am so-so with math so odd and even numbers could be a challenge.... OK, well looks like I'll have to be a poser with regards to the stuff I can't do yet and work hard on improving the stuff I can. See you all in a few days and then you can laugh at my wobbly beginner's flight patterns in person!
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    I've got just a few more days to practice new Rev skills before coming to the festival. What would you say are the mininum techniques a flyer should have to consider taking part in a group fly?
  14. airin


    PINK!? You left out the PINK!??!
  15. Good to know how much you guys like your 50's. Can't wait to try my first 50's next week at WSIF. Theresa has me all ready to go. I'll be adding 30, 50 and 120 linesets to my kit to compliment my current one and only set of 85's. By the end of that festival my kite bag should be fairly tricked out.
  16. Oh now you've given me a whole 'nother dimension to be considering. I am about to leave for the kite field now. I'll experiment some more with line length today. Very good stuff to know - I'm stoked - this Rev world is just such a cool place for an adventure!
  17. Thanks Ray! Yup, I'm starting to get those principals happening more solidly now, of course I have a long ways to go but it is so exciting to taste the flavour of flying a Rev! Last night, after showers off and on all day, there was a little spell with some light winds. I practiced the techniques suggested here and was delighted to be able to move the inverted hover around a bit. I think the right left slide will take a bit more fine tuning though. I do pull in on the wing tip to get the slide going but unlike the upright horizontal slide, I don't get much response from the kite and it still tends to drift across the window with the wind of its, seemingly, own accord. But I think I just need to build a little more of a relationship with the kite when it is in the inverted position and I will discover the subtle touch I need to get the slide under my control. One other question I had was where to place the lines on the pigtails at the handles for optimum inverted flying control. Somewhere I think I read to have the top lines out as far as possible and still be able to launch. Does that sound right? And what about the lower lines, right now I have them in the middle of the pigtail, above the second knot. What's the best combo to have good control when flying upside down. cheers, Erin, The Revinator
  18. My friend, it is not only a good way to spend a Saturday, it is the BEST way to spend a Saturday - try to take the family with you! And just a word about the two kites you are thinking about. I am a beginner Rev flyer and I have both a standard and a vented. As everyone one says here, if you only had one Rev the standard B series would be the one to have. The vented is a delight when the winds get strong and you have the luxury of another Rev in the bag. But as mentioned already, it is surprising what the standard can handle especially given the various rods it comes with and the bonus is that this kite can be flown very neatly in quite low winds. The Rev 1.5 B seems to be a a lot of bang for your buck and a very impressive all round kite.
  19. Hey RS67 thanks for your offer to help....would you mind coming up to Vanier tomorrow?! So if I was to work on this skill of the inverted slide, like before I got to WSIKF, what would I be focusing on? I like the idea of the little movement forward or back depending on the wind. And what else does it take to get that inverted Rev to glide ever so politely from one side of the window to the other? You know, just a rough idea of some stuff to try so I can get a little jump on the festivities of next week (and so that bart has something he can be working on too). And don't worry, I am sure I'll still have a ton of stuff that needs tweaking and teaching when I see you next week RS67!
  20. Today I felt like the Revinator! With some steady clean westerlies blowing off the water and my nice new vented 1.5 gleaming in the sun, I was a happenin' Rev'er. I was actually sliding across the window....at least I think that's what it was when the kite is in a horizontal position and it moves from right to left or left to right in a straight line. And I was holding some decent vertical and horizontal hovers. I could often tip the kite to vertical and fly in reverse - big fun. And I was flying upside down! Yay for inverted! I was able to hold the inverted hover now and then but mostly it was wanting to slide/glide to the right or left towards the edge of the window. I could hold it there sometimes but just could not seem to get it to fly back across again. I'm looking for some tips so I can get my inverted to go back and forth across the window. Bring 'em on, the Revinator is waiting!
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