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  1. Sweet! Well done. congrats!
  2. airin

    Kite Bag

    Hey first the Long Beach fleece lined jackets and now the kite bags, we are so becoming outfitted as a team....gotta start flying together real soon for sure now! Nice kite bags you two! I love mine and tote it all over town with me these days...cause you never know when or where a breeze might start up. cheers, Erin
  3. LOL Too true! I kind of miss the Spin Off noise myself!
  4. Ah, it does take me back.... my rainbow North Shore Extreme, which I still have, was the dual that started my kite addiction and the Spin Off, well sadly I wore out that purple dualie... I really did like those Top of the Line kites.
  5. That's some very creative, skilled and inspiring flying. Thanks for doing the filming and posting the footage David. cheers, Erin
  6. Your post definitely made me smile!
  7. Ok, well a little time has passed since I first asked here about the travel frame. I finally have one coming in the mail! I still want to be able to have a kite along in my bike panniers on my commute to and from school in case an unexpected flying opportunity should arise. Now I currently have Race Rods in my standard B series and then the 3 wrap in my vented 1.5.Isue these two kites with these two particular frame sets 90 % of the time. So would it make most sense, with the 3 wrap travel frame rods, to be planning to use it with the vented? In other words, wouldn't it be a bit too heavy a frame to use with the standard sail? Or would it be worth bringing along both the standard and the vented sails when I am carrying the travel frame and thus allow for a broader range of wind speed flying?
  8. Sweet vid Mario! Nice photography Megan. gotta love that spot on Hornby, eh?!
  9. airin

    Rev jewelery

    Laura that pendant is really lovely! Thanks for posting the pic.
  10. airin

    Rev jewelery

    Very cool about the ring! If you look closely the Rev shape shows up in a lot of unexpected places! ...archetypal anyone?
  11. Gotta love the "night" B. Good choice.
  12. There's really something to be said for no wind days, eh? Nice work Tristan!
  13. ...funny, I was thinking that too....nice one David!
  14. OK, as a newbie, I'm a bit boggled by the various options when it comes to kite organizations. There's the AKA, my locak BCKA and Revguild for starters and the of course various and other groups that all look very worthwhile. What are the benefits of joining groups like these and are there some more than others that folks here would recommend joining? thanks, Erin
  15. John, you know you've got my attention now. Given what wonders your hands on demo of the finger-light-micro-adjustment method to flying did for my Rev learning curve, I am always open to suggestions from you.
  16. airin

    Purple Fades

    Liking'em, am really liking'em!
  17. Well I started on the Rev road with a giant line debacle. Now I simply use two winders, one for the left two lines and another for the right two lines. Life is much more stress free for me now. Time spent winding with TWO winders instead of one is time saved, much time saved, in untangling a giant line snarl.
  18. Thanks for your suggestions guys. I have totally tricked out my PC not that long ago so that it has the power, hd capacity and processing speed necessary to edit and render videos and have used Movie Maker successfully to make a number of pretty decent home movies. Service Pack is all up to date too. But for some reason the editing program is unstable now...corrupted file maybe? I'll take a look at both virtualdub and the trial version of Adobe. I don't want to have to do battle with the software, I'd rather put my energy towards being creative with my projects.
  19. Kairusan, is it possible to mix digital photos in with the video clips when using virtualdub?
  20. I used to use Microsoft's MovieMaker program and quite liked its simplicity. Recently, while trying to put together a little video of WSIKF, a combo of pix and short vid clips set to music, the program was all glitchy and kept crashing whenever I reached the stage of trying to add music. So, I am looking for a simple media editing program that I can use instead of MM. I don't mind paying for a good piece of software but would rather it wasn't something designed for pro's so I don't have to spend hours figuring out how to apply all the various features. I'm wondering what you folks who are into photos and video are using to edit your work and whether you could recommend a particular program to me. thanks, Erin
  21. That's a really good idea! Thanks for posting the pic.
  22. airin

    Kite Bag

    Very helpful suggestions. thanks a lot guys!
  23. Ok, I know most of you have a pretty fine quiver of Revs by now but as a newbie I am the proud owner of just TWO, yup, a mere but most precious, pair of Rev's. I'm not anticipating filling up a regular Rev kite bag in the immediate future so I'm looking for a smaller kite bag to tote my standard and vented Revs along with a few line sets and my handles and stakes. I'd appreciate any tips on where I could find a slightly smaller kite bag suitable to my modest needs. thanks, Erin
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