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  1. Hi all, just got back from a great weekend in the grim North. Thanks all for making it such a fun weekend. To Vince and the team, my hat goes off to you for all the work you put into hosting this weekend. The site is great and the facilities much appreciated as were the catering staff! Please pass on my thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the now "legendary" soup and the Corned Beef pie. I really enjoyed all the flying we did. Whilst very light winds are not great for quickly learning new moves and ideas i think we still covered a lot of ground with the light wind flying. (pun intended) I have some photo's i will post later but for now, many thanks to you all for sharing your time. Stephen
  2. I was just looking at my friends web site www.esste.com and saw this WOW, they didn't tell me about those. It looks like the deal is just for Europe though. I can't decide which one i like best, i really like the Geisha girl but that Waves one is nice too, still there's always the Psycho one. Do i really need another kite anyway (who said that?) What do you think?
  3. Ah, I knew i there was something i was missing when i turned off all those pesky and time consuming to download signatures. I may have to turn them back on now. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the information Keith. If you have not seen a competition before or want to try but don't know where to start i would highly recommend going along to see one of these. It can be a little daunting to start of with but there are plenty of people who will be more than happy to fill you in on the mysteries of Sport Kite Competition. A lot of us started off with competition and i for one have benefited hugely from competition. Keith, can you point us in the direction of the STACK web site and let us know what benefits there are to joining STACK? Stephen
  5. Vince, I think i have another auction item for you! Gary, Gee, Bob and Helen all gave me their kite bags to bring up North with me........I think you know what i'm saying :kid_devlish: :kid_devlish: See you Saturday morning. Stephen, anyone want to buy some revs...
  6. Bob I really enjoyed reading your posts, yes all of it! I had no idea you would take the idea to heart and put in so much work. For which thank you. For those thinking about flying in a mega team it's well worth the read. As a "team leader" i have found this useful and an important reminder that the best team is as strong as it's individual parts. Each part is as important as the other. My favourite quote - "Then there are the regular calls of “back to grid”. That call is a sort of emotional tea break and an opportunity for a bit of mental regrouping." Stephen
  7. I like that colour best, I always thought it the best choice for the Cooper Now if that was England we would be declaring a National Emergency by now.
  8. Thanks for sharing, that's some great kite skills. I hope that you had fun and i am sure you will inspire more people to come along and join the fun. Regards Stephen
  9. John, love the picture but next time could you get the missus to hold both the kites and you take the photo?
  10. The Flying Squad will be happy to supply a few things, we certainly have some pins and i will have a scratch around to see if i can find something else. Looking forward to the whole thing. S
  11. I bet you can't remember all of the old routines! Mind you, I can't remember the current ones so..... I might have to teach you and the wife the new Flying Squad routine as a little side project. So, all you locals if we stay on for a few days after the event, where should we go? Should we head north Seattle direction or further south?
  12. That's very kind and we really are very happy to be able to come to this one. The last time i was at Long Beach for a kite festival we had a lot of wind but a lot of fun too. I can't wait to come back. As for calling whilst i am there, I think i am losing my voice already Besides it might be fun to try the front of the grid for a change.
  13. OK guys, forewarning The English are Coming! Thanks to my good friend Mr Lummas we are now booked into a house near the beach and will be in and around the area for the full duration of the festival. Susan, the two boys and I are really excited about the trip and looking forward to putting faces to so many of you on the forum. So as long as you don't mind the funny accents we would love to come and fly with you all. Well, i couldn't let all you colonial types have all the fun could i?
  14. There is still the opportunity for some more of you "suveners" to come and join in the fun. I know it is a bit of a drive but where else will you get such excellent company in February? There's no point in going to Dunstable Downs as i won't be there! So if you know people who are not on the Rev Forum who might like to come along, please pass us on their details. Regards
  15. Well if we are on a biblical theme, how about a "Congregation" of Revs? ps
  16. I am reliably informed that people used to fly at Bloubergstrand and at Dolphin Beach. We don't know what the current shop situation is like but google suggests Kiteshop.co.za first, then Capekites.co.za. They should have phone numbers. Hope this helps, PM me if you need further info. Stephen
  17. I agree with Simon, Baz it's not funny adding 10 years onto a ladies age. You should know better. Have a great day. Stephen
  18. Steve, from our team is from Cape Town and is heading there today. I have emailed him to ask where the best flying spots are but I am not sure when he will pick up his messages next. I'll try update you further if i can contact him.
  19. Stephen Hoath

    Bad Ben

    Well you know i'm gonna love it! Nice stack though, mmmmm. It might just be easier to hand Bazzer my pay cheque every month and just get him to send me stuff every now and then!
  20. good news i'll also be bringing a set of Blasts and the printed revs so people can have a good look and a play with them too. Should be a lot of fun. See you all there
  21. This is going to be a great event and i am really looking forward to it. The flying site from what i understand is very large, grassed and with a great view (picutre courtesy of Choccy) The hotel is the one used for the kite festival so the staff are used to kite fliers and indeed one of them is a Rev pilot himself. I am sure a warm welcome is guaranteed. Hot on the heels of the great event in Ainsdale, it might be a good place to have a go at "Grid" flying if you have never tried before. So, sign up and come and enjoy the fun. See you all there.
  22. I like this one taken at Berck 2009 by Alex St-Joun. He does some great stuff that is always well produced. Enjoy.
  23. Hi Bart, thanks to you and everyone else for all your input on this subject. The mega fly at Portsmouth was the first of its kind and so there are certainly better ways of doing it. However, one of the lessons i learnt is that it is still TEAM flying. No matter how good JB is he can still only fly one kite at a time (ok maybe two but that's it). So to make these things work we need a team and that could be you. As with all team flying some moves are harder than others and some positions better suited to different skill sets. It is very possible to fly some sort of mega fly with most fliers providing you can keep a kite still. For example, holding at the top in that big grid is quite difficult and easy to fall out of. Being in the bottom row allows for quick escape should it be needed. There is better wind nearer the middle. Now bursts require us to face out so if you are not yet able to hold upside down and reverse back in then it is better to fly at a side. The other thing to remember is that these MEGA flies only happen occasionally and so there is plenty of time and opportunity to start smaller and work our way up. Maybe this should be a key duty for IROR, to support and encourage fliers at smaller events to take part and create the building blocks for the Big Picture. Having been lucky enough to be involved in these big teams i can say that it is my interest to get you to a level where you are capable, comfortable and confident enough to join in. After all, i would look stupid standing out there on my own wouldn't i?
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