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  1. Just back home and settled in enough to find a keyboard. We just wanted to add our thanks to all of you for letting us come and play and for having such a good time. Sorry we didn't get to speak to you all as much as we would like but there was just too much flying to be done and so many new people to meet. It's not possible to thank you all personaly so a big Thank You to you all. John, big respect to you, nicely done. See you all this side of the pond one day. Stephen, Susan and the boys.
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  3. Susan, the boys and i spent the afternoon flying kites in Vanier Park, Vancouver. As luck would have it we bumped into David Hathaway, Lam Hoac and Kal. That's serious kite pedigree in anyones book. Thanks for a great day flying guys and see you in WSIKF.
  4. I hear they still had a camp fire ban even though most of the sites were 2" under water!
  5. Susan and I had a great day today at Clover Point (Victoria, Canada) with some of the guys from Island Quad. It was a little wet today and light winds but the team turned out to make us welcome and let us fly with them and we had a blast. We hear that the views behind the fog are fantastic! The camera didn't make it out of the bag much, due to to the rain, but we did get this shot of the local flyers. Great site, great people and a great day. Thanks to all.
  6. Just packed our bags for our trip. We are stopping over in Canada first and then heading down to Long Beach for the festival. I think we have packed everything including two spare kitchen sinks! So, we are officially excited now and can't wait to be on our way. I am bringing a team set of 4 printed kites for people to try so you can pretty much guarantee that we will have strong winds for the duration! See you all soon. Stephen
  7. Now that might lead to some interesting viewing after the event. Where exactly do you look in a MEGA grid?
  8. Oh, that's a good idea. And is anyone bringing one of the cameras you can put onto the kite?
  9. Ah, another sport the American's are World Champions at because no one else a) Has ever heard of it before They won't tell anyone else the rules! As apposed to the English who invent all the good games, teach them to everyone else so well that we then get stuffed at each and every one of them! I am seriously looking forward to this now. Starting to think about what kites to bring etc. Now, has anyone thought about how you take a picture of 100 revs at the same time. back a bit...... back a bit...... keep going.......
  10. Watch out Ben, that's a dangerously American style of flying. Luckily for you some proper English fliers are coming over to Washington to show you which side of the sky the civilised world fly on. Let's hope we haven't left it too late. Felix, i think it's down to you and me to teach this man some low arm flying!
  11. Am i too late to jump on the band wagon!
  12. Hi John, we had a 20 strong grid up at the weekend with some very new pilots and some experienced pilots who had not flown a grid before. Although we did not manage some of the more complex figures we were able to find a level that worked for us all. As for the crowds, well they loved it and of course had never seen anything like it before. What i learnt is that although we all work at different paces and are capable of different levels of success, by working as a team and using the strengths of that team we are able to create something truly special. All it takes is the courage to start (ok, that's no small thing) and the courage to be prepared to get it wrong a few times (even harder). After all it's only kites. We crashed a few times, but apart from a bit of teasing from me, no-one died So, i can't wait to fly with you all during the week. Anyone who wants to have a go on a small scale first just needs to track down the English contingent and we will make our mistakes in private. Then be super cool for the Big Zing.
  13. Just found this video of the kite festival. Some nice footage of the Revs if a little brief.
  14. Any chance you are both going to be in Portsmouth?
  15. I quite see the challenges of video from a kite! Nice footage all the same Now, i would really love to get a camera on a kite during a team routine and then blend it in with footage from a more traditional view point. Stephen
  16. I know but the man with the money said he wouldn't pay us unless we did a follow for the cameras. I'm a slave to my job......walks off, stage left, in huff.
  17. I'll ask them about it when i see them at the weekend in Alcochete. Have a great time in Sunderland and say hi to everyone from me.
  18. I know, apart from when they were taking out my appendix and wouldn't let me out of the hospital I haven't missed this event since the mid 1990's. However, i will console myself with a trip to Portugal to fly with Lung Ta and The Flying Squad. Don't feel too sorry for me!
  19. A great festial and you will receive a warm welcome. I am already pre-committed to another event and so will miss it this year. This will be the first one i have missed in over 10 years so i am relying on you guys to post a festival report here so i can enjoy the event when i get back. See you all soon.
  20. Like what my mate here said.
  21. Keith, if you can find out which one of us said we would compete i can arrange for them to be shot at dawn! They'll be wanting to make decisions about music choice next!
  22. I was recently sent a link to a Flying Squad video by a friend. Also on the site i found some great videos of FLIC and Bolau and all sorts of things from Berck this year. Go take a look here, it's well worth the time.
  23. Happy Birthday sir. I look forward to flying with you again in August. Stephen & The Hoaths
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