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  1. Sorry we didn't stop for a chat. We were working on the new routine and were in a groove and didn't notice the time flying by. Still, the Rev looked great and if you flew in that wind you were doing well. Bob is a great coach so you were in good hands.
  2. I am fairly sure that we could provide 6 to 8 people subject to the usual provisos. We might stretch to 12 if we were all available but work with 6 for now.
  3. Stephen Hoath


    Félicitations Steph. I hope you have a big trophy cabinet.
  4. You must forget all you have learned and only then will you be open to the real dark side! Joking aside, from the crowds point of view this is pure entertainment. I'm guessing the wind was from the town?
  5. Also for anyone thinking of going, there is a Spanish team called Imagina going. They fly rev team as good as the next man but then they have a ballet that is out of this world. Forget anything you have seen before in Europe, this is performance with Revs and fantastic to watch so, if you were thinking of going, make sure you stick around for Imagina.
  6. Thanks Mark. Watching it seems hard to believe the other Mark has only flown in team a couple of times before this. Also i think this was the only time all weekend that The Decorators flew without being in a torential rain storm. Professionals to the last they kept flying even though there was only 1 person left on the beach.
  7. Well done all, we got to watch from the side and the standard was very high. There must be something in the water in Holland because we saw outstanding flying from all the Rev fliers, both in competition and down by the sea shore.
  8. I so feel you Mike! It's a shame team fliers don't come with a mute button!
  9. Agreed and it also will stop me offending people with my poor Spanish and French. If people cant understand my calls in English i will just have to speak slower and shout louder until they understand me!
  10. I'm sure there must be some international fliers there this year? If so, it's a cultural exchange, worked for us last year!
  11. Strangely we find a lighter frame in the T bag kites works best. They are a great solution before the factory made mega-vents were available. They are still a good solution if you have an old spare sail that you don't mind making hundreds of holes in. They have a smaller wind window than a standard Rev and don't like flat tricks like axles very much but if you need to fly in 30mph plus then they work just fine. The Flying Squad took delivery of 6 new Barressi full vents at WSIKF last year and then promptly burned over a 1000 holes in each one. The first hole was the toughy but after that you just get on with it. Come to Dunstable kite festival in July and we'll show you in detail.
  12. No problem on power kites but buggies and land boards are banned. There will however, be lots of Rev fliers there.
  13. There's lot that can be added to this conversation but for now i will just add two things. For groups of newer fliers it is helpfull to be descriptive and clear. People soon learn the calls and you are able to abbreviate soon enough. Taking a few extra seconds for the call is not so critical as when flying dual line kites. Secondly, give a good pause between the preparatory command and then final execution command. eg. individual, 180 clockwise.........(pause).......GO! (two reasons, it takes a while for some fliers to hear the command and understand it then apply it and finally it helps to give the fliers a chance to say "say what?" before you launch into a full move)
  14. One suggestion is that they are caused when your sail tension is too loose. The material creases and rubs against the spars. Try keeping the elastics tight on the sail so that it sits flat. If your sail already has these marks then you can either ignore them, keep flying until it gets too bad and use it as a reason to buy a new kite or you can run a thin strip of Ripstop tape down the sail or if you are really keen, smooth the ridges from the carbon rods. Either way, it's fairly normal wear.
  15. Whilst the wind was technically on-shore, the arena had been relocated to the end of the beach tucked up behind the see wall and in the lee of the Ferry Port and tall hotels. We knew the wind was bad and that the vents were smooting it out but didn't know how much until we tried to fly a standard kite and had then changing directions all over the place! The vents are TFS Customs, it's a relatively simple job. Buy a new Baressi full vent then burn hundreds of holes in it all across the sail. Try not to cry too much when you make the first hole. It gets easier after that. They perform really well but with a slightly smaller window than normal. We got these just before the official mega vents were available so that's why we went down this road. So unless you enjoy mutilating new kites, do yourself a favour and buy the Mega vent from Rev!
  16. The Hoaths will be there providing we don't get snowed in up North. We have a team practice that day but i am sure we can find some time to fly this. Looking forward to it.
  17. OK Baz, here's what we do. We take a picture of my Dragon Rev flying and then get Los Hermanos to print that onto a Rev. Job done, i'm sure that Bazzer wouldn't mind at all!!!!
  18. Thank you all for your kind wishes. Had a great day and it really does make you feel special when people from so far away send messages. Thanks all. Now, where did i put that wine glass..........
  19. Sorry about the silence on this but i'm here now. It would be great to see you guys down here next weekend. There will certainly be a few of us at Dunstable on the Sunday although the Saturday is not looking good if you were planning on making a weekend of it. We were faced with over a 1000 runners this weekend all looking hot and sweaty and generaly getting in Gary's way. So it will be nice to get a bit of our own back. See you all soon. Stephen
  20. Wow, talk about a tough top 5. I'm glad i gave up competition years ago! Nice job Steph and to all the other pilots as well. It is inspiring to watch these guys fly and even now i still get a tingle in the hairs on the back of my neck when i see the people fly their routines. Merci Steph.
  21. My maths isn't that good but if there are 32 panels (not including the centre one) and 18 colour choices then there are 1,237,940,039,285,380,274,899,124,224 possible colour configurations BUT as you can have either a black or a white centre then actualy there are twice that many. 2,475,880,078,570,760,549,798,248,448! So why is it that i keep seeing the same 10 variations?
  22. Thanks for flying them and a big thanks to Lynn too. Didn't look too bad for no practice! What maybe not clear from the video is that there is no calling in that routine whatsoever. Mark & Jeanette had to learn the whole thing and fly it to the music and put up with my "helpful" comments on spacing. Thanks again guys, maybe next time we'll get the old dual line routine out?
  23. One more addition to this thread. We had a line cut this weekend, (my fault!) and it happened so quickly i nearly missed what happened. My leading edge sliced along the other fliers lines and it was melted in an instant. I didn't even feel the contact. Anyway, the point of this post is that the "incident" that damages your lines may happen some time before your line actually breaks. There are frequent commings together when flying and lines sometimes get damaged. So as a point of good practice it is well worth checking your lines everynow and then for damage. I find the best time is when i am winding them back in after a practice as you are usualy walking slowly enough to see the blemishes. Just run your fingers along the lines and you will feel any week points. Hope this helps.
  24. Hi all, just wanted to add my thanks to the organisers for letting us have so much of their valuable space. It is a big thing and is appreciated. Nice job to all of you in the mega team, I was really impressed by the can do attitude of the group especially from those fliers who had not done this sort of thing much or indeed at all. I think we are nearly ready for a choreographed Grid Routine. Any volunteers to write it David? I was sent this picture from Phil a Rev flier who was watching. It is my favourite so far of the Revosaurus. Thanks Phil.
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