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  1. Now that sounds nice, any chance of some photo's?
  2. Mentioned elsewhere here. We will be holding a small "masterclass" for anyone who wants to learn how to fly rev team. 120' lines are desirable and an ability to hold anywhere in the sky is essential. We plan to do this on Saturday morning but as space is a premium at this event we will need to be flexible. See you all there.
  3. I agree with John. Classic answer. Long tails along the stack are a big headache but do look good. Our tails are about 100' There are lots of ways of making the tails, we use hot cut ripstop with no hem. If you have masses of time and no imagination you can sew a hem along the tails or a good tip from a French friend of mine (Alex St John) flourist ribbon is easy and cheap. We find two tails from the one tow point give a nic dynamic in the sky. Flight wise it doesn't make too much difference but they fly more Rev like without. We love to fly the trains with tails as it is easier for a non kiteflying audience to understand and see from different points around the arena. Also it allows me to chose some realy cheesy music
  4. And after 20 minutes of flying in a good wind my knuckles drag along the floor. Still they look pretty
  5. Whilst on the subject of name calling, what do you call the pilot who falls out of the sky when you're half way through Leader's Benefit?
  6. Looks just like English summer. Are you sure this was in the US? I have light wind kites, vented kites, indoor kites, we are now waiting for Rev to develop the first waterproof kite or better still one that comes with it's own umberella! Nice to see you still flying. Stiff upper lip and all that.
  7. Impress your friends with your language skills via http://babelfish.altavista.com/ but be warned, some of the translation is a little interesting. It is better to learn the old fashioned way but it is good rough and ready solution. Bon courage mon amis.
  8. Ah Je comprennent. J'aime le frein et cela fonctionne bien. L'employez-vous jamais sans longerons sur le dos du cerf-volant ?
  9. Don't worry about translation...just type LOUD and S L O W
  10. Laugh out loud funny is not a good thing at work when I shouldn't have been surfing. Especialy in an Audit department
  11. I'm not sure we can run to all the trimmings you're getting at the AKA convention but I promise not to charge anyone $200 either I have just heard from a Taiwanese friend who is also coming over so brush up your Mandarin. youbian = right, zuobian = left. Are there any more takers for a little rev "master" class?
  12. Thanks for the above. I agree with pretty much everything. The message seems to be that these sticks are flexible and can be used to a greater or lesser extent or indeed not at all. Be open to new experiences and make your own mind up. As for distance from the sail, I bullied Fabrice (the originator of the design) into putting one of his bridles on my kite and it stands out pretty much the same as the ordinary one. I have this design on a Rev II as well and found it worked best for me on that kite. Try looking at their web page, it has all the info needed http://www.revo-solution.com/ Just to add, with the different bridle and sticks I can reverse the rev just as fast as I can fly it forwards. Now that's cool
  13. Great news. I'll be the one shouting at everyone else. The space to fly at Portsmouth can be a little tight so I would get there early either day then we should be able to find space to fly. There should be at least 9 of my team there maybe a few more. Practice facing left & right and then holding still, rotating upwards around your top tip and downwards around your bottom tip, and holding at the edge of the window facing into the centre. Everything is just flower arranging! Any more takers for an impromptu team lesson? 120' feet long lines is best if you have them if not, then as long as you have. oh and contrary to the manual on this forum it is ANTI clockwise not counter clockwise See you there.
  14. I have flown these extensively. As with all things there are pros and cons. Firstly Hector, I would suggest adding the tension sticks on the back of the kite. This in addition to the new bridle words really well and should help prevent some of those flat outs. It puts a slight backward curve on the leading edges which helps the kite on rotation. They also put a slight curve on the vertical spars. This bows the kite that way also and allows the kite to spin around when flat on th e ground, leading edge to wards you. (effectively there is never a dead position) These things are not for everyone. They are of limited use in team unless you are competing and intend to use advanced tricks. Individuals may find the variation allows them to do other things. There is always a compromise to be paid. For me I find that these bridles make rotations and turns fantastic, however, they make sliding a little harder (stands to reason as you no longer have a flat kite). So it's horses for courses. I would encourage anyone to try this, but don't lose your old bridle as you may want to put it back again. Better still, buy another kite and have both!
  15. Wow that's some beach! Is there anywhere nice to stay around there? I'm thinking it my be a nice place for a practice weekend. p.s. slightly off topic. Portsmouth Festival this year. Should be a large Rev mega team. Come and see how we get it wrong. I sure there will be space for a few add hoc flying sessions. You'll know where to find me. I'll be the one with the Blue, White & Black rev! (well one of them)
  16. Good luck with the competition. I have not competed for a little while now but there are lots of ways to maximise your score. Learn the rules, play by the rules, tell the judges in advance about all the little subtle bits and difficult bits. But basically no matter how much of this you do and how many mind games you play it all boils down to practice. Don't be tempted to busk. Know the music and the routine inside out. I always found in competition, that the more we practiced, the luckier we bacame Oh and don't forget to smile....
  17. Good that means we wont have to rein you in! I wouldn't want to get saddled with that it would be real night mare but hay you started it.
  18. I love the fact that all those people are walking past oblivious to the kite above them.
  19. Indeed it was at the Docklands Arena, the participants were James Robertshaw and Simon Dann (founder member of The Flying Squad) I don't really remember the exact time but I do remember them both stopping at the same time. If memory serves me correctly the final time was 4h:44m.44s I was on refueling duty that day, I had to walk around with Simon and feed him fluid and chocolate. It was seriously stressful 'cause if you got it wrong he might crash! Still it was a good day but pretty much the last festival of its type in the UK
  20. It's nice when people understand what I mean, not what I say
  21. Nice job, now if you can only teach my team the difference between left and right.........
  22. I think that we are going to have to try harder to fool John. mmmmmmm Well done 100% correct
  23. Take one soldering iron and one bottle of wine. Carefuly poke the (hot) soldering iron through the skin of the sail in neat lines Reward your care with a sip of wine every 10 holes. Pray you finish the holes before the wine on a more serious note, we used a template drawing a grid on it and making a hole on all the intersections. That way you can guarantee the holes are symetrical. It takes a very long time and I would recommend doing it in a well ventilated area (suggest Nevada!) The kites fly very well but can look a little faded in the sky due to the lack of any real sail area. They are like flying a standard in 6mph wind even when the wind is blowing 30mph I am currently working on larger holes having calculated the surface are of the holes on the "T-bag" revs. This takes less time but can have some odd effects on the sail tension. The holes on this kite are in the right place for the new sail cut. However, I was only prepared to sacrifice an EXP sail.
  24. 31 - Spot on with Ron. Who else has such grace and style with a rev? 32 - Correct with Berck, as for the team, they were not really known as a quad team. As you may have guessed from the sail pattern this was approximately 10 years ago. Does that help?
  25. Good so far John, try again on the person in Grey/
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