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  1. We managed to fly a double routine for the first time ever at Dunstable. We have a 4 person choreographed (ie no calls) routine that is quite fast. Lots of the team know it but Dunstable was the first time we have managed to get two sets of 4 together in the same place. It was a real buzz to fly although i found it a little distracting trying to match to a kite just outside my peripheral vision that was flying exactly the same thing i was!

    I hope someone got some video of it.

  2. In true English fashion, it's raining, and the forecast is rain all week, so looks like I wont be able to fly as soon as I'd like. blue_confused.gif Absolutely itching to get out there after all this time. So brushing up on tuts, anything I can find.


    Hi there Mog, STACK (Sport Kite and Competitive Kiting - the official body of the sport ) are holding a competition this weekend at Dunstable Downs. The Downs is the home flying field of about 10 rev pilots of a wide range of experience and lots of toys. If you can make it down i am sure that there will be no shortage of people around to fast track your learning experience.

    Good luck.

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  3. I find the Super Blast to be an excellent light wind kite although i prefer to fly with an 8mm frame rather than the much stiffer SLE. However, as with most things in life the biggest advantage you can get is to practice. Good technique will make far more difference than kite choice in the long run. Try and remember to keep the sail loaded until after you have finished a turn. You may well take a couple more steps backwards but then you can regain them with interest on the way down again.

    So, Super Blast + Race Frame = Fun!

  4. Appart from a built in beer cooler (or soda if you prefer) what gadget would you build into a rev carry bag? For me in England it would have to be some kind of built in ground sheet to stop the bag getting all muddy and wet during a long summer day!

  5. Bob, well maybe just a little encouragement. We don't want to turn this into a competition.

    What i liked best about this mega team was the fun aspect of it and the ability to laugh at ourselves. I can't wait to see what fun things happen in the next one.

    So i guess the message is "Go create!"

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  6. WOW, what an event!

    Just want to say a massive thank you to all of the fliers in the Rev Mega team at Berck. To quote a good friend of mine.. "You guys Rock!"

    For anyone who wasn't there, 11:30 every day on the beach was Mega Team Practice. Rain or shine, tempest or zephyr we all assembled on the beach to run through the days routine. Different people brought different ideas to the table and we gradually increased the repertoire as the week went on (we still have a few good ideas left over for next year). However, i do have to credit FLIC for the smilies. This is something they have done for a few years but the idea was too good not to steal! I have no idea who suggested the car but that was absolute genius!

    As the caller of the mega team i received a lot of very positive feedback about the mega team. The organisers, the public and even some of the hardened single line fliers were blown away by what we achieved. So, in case i did not get a chance to say thank you on the beach, THANK YOU.

    So John, if this is what can be achieved by fliers from France, England, Holland, Singapore, just imagine what you are going to do in WSIKF where you all speak the same language!

    Cheers Stephen

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  7. All coloured Icarex will leach colour if you get it wet then roll it up, put it away and forget about it. The printed sails are no different. They are perfectly colour fast in the wet so don't worry about that (how else could we fly them in England!) just remember to dry them off before rolling up and then hang them out to dry when you get home. That way you will have years of happy flying together.

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  8. Hi Stephen, it’s so long that we do not meet somewhere around Europe,today you are 40 (lucky guy) , so Happy Happy Birthday.

    Ciao ciao and best wind


    I know we don't manage to arrive at the same festivals but many of our friends give me news. Those pictures were when I was young and handsome! Well maybe not with that beard.

    Hope to see you with a little net season.

  9. Thanks Bill, it was a fabulous surprise. People kept turning up it was magic! I may have to grow old but i REFUSE to grow up!

    Thanks to everyone who came and flew and maybe we should make numbers standard team practice. You have no idea how long it took The Flying Squad to agree what shape a 4 was! :kid_smartass:

  10. When browsing the gallery I noticed a good few people have custom sails with their own designs or their Team's insignia on.

    What is the physical process used to create them? Are some printed on a full sail, or are they all hand sown and airbrushed like the Masterpieces? It's hard to discern the detail from afar.

    Just intrigued. smile.gif

    Best regards,


    As already mentioned, most of these kites have been produced (under licence, that's very important) by Los Hermanos in Spain. They are printed kites using a special technique that impregnates the ink into the material. You have choices either contact Los Hermanos direct for a complete custom job, go to Polo kites for one of his great designs or go to Bai Designs for the fist kite on your list.

    Alternatively, come down to Dunstable Downs one sunday for a fly and a close up look at some of these kites. Just let us know when you are coming so that we can make cake!

  11. Don't worry, by the end of the first weekend you will know everyone. Steff Ferme will be guesting in with the Squad at Dieppe and apart from being a really nice guy, he is multiple multiple European champion so always worth watching.

    See you on the field.

  12. If you can keep your head whilst all those around you are losing theirs, you're looking at the wrong kite!

    I had a couple of moments in the mega team when i was flying someone elses kites, but you did a great job. I'm always impressed at the way the mega team fliers work together to make sure everyone enjoys and gets fully involved in the mega team. It really was a mega TEAM.

    Thanks all for a great job.

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  13. You're in a bit of a Rev void where you are but re festivals we have Dunstable Downs this weekend, Portsmouth for August bank holiday (this one is sure to be filled with Rev fliers).

    Thisis a good resource for UK events and i would recommend contacting the MKF (Midland Kite Fliers) who are a very strong and active kite group. MKF

    Failing that there is always someone at Dunstable Downs on Sundays flying Revs, just check here first before making the drive and someone is sure to be there.

    I agree that making a drive of a couple of hours to fly with experienced fliers will be well rewarded in saving hours of learning time doing it solo.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

  14. Just back from a fabulous kite trip to Jakarta and Singapore. Met some great rev fliers in both location but didn't have anywhere near enough time to fly with them as much as we would like. Singapore probably has the greatest concentration of Rev fliers for a population than anywhere else i have seen!

    Anyway, had a chance to be self indulgent on one of the days and decided to try out a new flying field. The wind was great but it was a little wet under foot


  15. Some of you will know that i have been working with the Los Hermanos Gonzalez in Spain for a while now.

    With their great printed revs and my obsession with the kite, it was inevitable that one day we should get together. I had been talking with lots of great female rev pilots who pointed out that there were no Rev designs specifically made with them in mind. Now as I am married to a great Rev team flier and want to keep her happy i thought we had better deal with that.

    This year at Berck Sur Mer i talked with as many female fliers as i could and tried to take everything on board. Then with Susan fully on board with the project we came up with a design that seems to fit the bill. So, take a look at our new web site and let us know what you think.

    I will be taking a couple of the these kites with me to Singapore and Indonesia tomorrow so hopefully i will be able to get some good photos of them to post.BaiDesignPair.jpg

  16. Hi Stephen,

    the Singapore event will be held at the Marina Barrage. It's the garden on the rooftop you see here. There will be quite a turn out, at least in terms of Rev fliers. I'd be there if I'm in town but I'm sure you'd have a great time here.


    That's one of the more unusual places I've seen for a kite festival!

    I am really looking forward to it. The photos are going to be great .

  17. Hi Stephen.

    What are the dates for the singapore event? do they have a website that I may have a look at?

    Cheers - Ashley

    Ashley, the Singapore event is the 7/8th July. It is organised by the Singapore Kite Association.SKA

    There's not too much information on the site but i have been talking with Gadis who should be able to help.

    Email me if you need further info.

    There looks to be some talented Rev fliers in Singapore and i am looking forward to joining in and learning something new. I'm sure it won't take too long to break them of all those bad iQuad habits they picked up last year! :kid_smartass:

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