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  1. Glad at least One of you chaps uses, understands, defends and supports the English language. Must admit I find it difficult to understand on occasions. Especially the way those young folks talk. It must be my age!!
  2. Baloo


    Cool idea. Quite a few folks have made up real small Revs, and they are fun to fly. Not seen One flown in front of a fan B4 though. Well done to both of you. Good luck with the new B
  3. Good point, and well presented John. And yes you can swap the rods around.
  4. Welcome to the forum, glad you are having fun. Some folks on here would tell you Revs are built to be thrashed. However I understand your concern. I had great difficulty working out the handles wen I first started flying on my own. I bought a quad line foil which flew slower and managed to work it out, then my Rev got less thrashed. You are in the right place to ask questions. If you can find another Rev flier you will learn a lot, is there any local festivals you can go to? As for uying the SLE only you can decide, would say more Revs are better than less Revs though. And the SLE will fly in higher winds to. Specially with the practically indestructable leading edge.
  5. I would go with second or maybe even third dessert first
  6. I am more than happy to help out as ground crew on at least One of the Days, looks like probably the Sunday.
  7. Shooting, fly fishing, archery, scuba (not for ages), Harley, Radio Ham, RC sailboat, Drums, Off Road Driving, computers, some other stuff I must have forgotten about, difficult to see where I gt the time to fly, but I do!!
  8. And all those other folks just hanging around not flying kites. Didnt you take your kite bag wth you Tom what a great mega team oppertunity. A couple of moments tuition for them all, and a new thread could be born. Rev MeGa Team with a famous background.
  9. Welcome Chris, good to get a special as your first Rev. Which One will you be getting next?
  10. Ouch, that must have hurt.
  11. Wow, that is fantastic, 4 individual teams, as thier own part in a large routine. It looks stunning on the video, must be mind blowing in reality. BIG round of applause to all involved.
  12. Was going to try to make Basingstoke again, however I have aother commitment that Weekend now. Unless something drastic happens Portsmouth is a go. Ps, hope Weymouth went well for you. I spent the Royal Wedding hours flying in a park near Birmigham. Did my first fairly convincing Bicycle turns.
  13. Just love my Zen on 120 lines, in low wind, just chill out. It jus seems to slide aroud the window with such little effort. Fantastic in the low winds where it takes much more effort to fly the others. Like to fly my Sedgwicks (Rev 1's) on 50 ft lines, needs a bit more wind, still glide around though. he advantage of the Rev 1 is, as others have said. You can fly them in higher winds. So the only real answer, sell some body parts and get both. A beter answer, see if you can get to try them. I know it is much easier for some to do this than others. However then you can do a direct comparison and be able to see if the Zen is worth a Kidney.
  14. Kitelife has a classified's section, think you have to be a member to advertise on it though.
  15. Suppose if you string stuff up in the air and get folks to shoot at it you will end up with lots of patches on it. A more imaginative description might be "good original used condition"
  16. I thought you might have treated him as the But (for all jokes) Sorry Watty it just sprang into my mind, and I just had to type it as my mind is so full with being old and all that. If I left it in there it would just be full and leaky. Like that kids brain on Flight of the Navigator.
  17. Oh and welcome to the Forum / addiction / dark side. etc.
  18. I would try to get hold of sme plastic tube, like drain downpipe. You should be able to find some way of securing it. Another thought, I have some tubes that are desiged for carrying fly fishing rods. I would presume that you might be able to buy similar. They have a padded lining and I would thik that it would be a tight squeeze for a Rev in there. However if it was taken out that would be just he job. Has a shoulder sling so you can wear it like a backpack. Otherwise if you are going to weare a backpack while you are riding, get One with outer securing straps suitable to hold your protected Rev as well. If you go for the backpack style dont forgret the Rev will stick up above your head, no going under low bridges. Best of luck, let us know how you get on, both with the bike and the flying.
  19. Well if you want folks to chime in Felix, I will be there at least One of the Days.
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