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  1. Or you can come down to lsp tomorow and rich can hand them to you (he's a great person) and you can get to fly with some great people who will make the learning curve much easier....don't forget my line set rich Now THAT is a REAL good idea. You get a new set of handles, I am sure you can borrow a line set, AND you get help with flying from a great gang of folks. How cool is that?
  2. Wish I lived next door to you, I could give you a set of handles.
  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmm vented with race rods, on 120's luv it.
  4. Chris you are so wonderful, pretty handy with a camera and stuff too.
  5. Get that Man lift back in, you should be able to find some clean wind at 70ft I would think. Now that WOULD be worth watching Nice looking place Pete.
  6. Life is just too short. My spins are sloppy, slides are rubbish, and I still crash Once in a while. Do I enjoy it, YES I DO. Do I ever think I will be as good as JB, NO I DONT. But then I suppose you are only showing the nature of the Human Animal, to strive to be better. Good luck, practic, practice, practice. But dont forget to enjoy.
  7. Hah, serves you right for letting him have a go. Looks pretty cool to me though. I see another Father Son team in the future.
  8. There is a classified bit on Kitelife, however not sure about For Sale on here, drop John a PM to ask if it is OK.
  9. If you fly at Wildwood I am sure it is only a matter of time B4 you bump into a whole gang of Rev fliers, carving up the each like holigans. Mentonng that, not seen Antman on here for a while, hope he is OK. As SV said the wing flip is normally too much control, too much brake on that side, cusing the bottom to flip over. As for the shock, I would imagine that you got some Static build up somehow, it has never happened to me however I am sure it could hapen. And do save your 2 wraps for a while. As you get better you will find you can fly the 3 wraps in lower wind.
  10. Worth having alook at Kitelife.com loads of tutorial vids on there, even more available if you subscribe to them. If you search on here you will find videos and help in plenty, youtube also has a lot of help vids on it, both John B (Kitelife) and Spence (Watty) Watson have put a lot of info out there. BEST thing to do, shout out and find other Rev fliers in your area and get together with them. You will learn LOADS, and make some good fiends. And welcome to the obsession that is Revolutin flying, bet you get more than One.
  11. Hope it was a good One.
  12. Baloo

    Rev bridle

    Or lots of spare Revs
  13. Hey Ben, you might be hurting, but you aint old. Your family keeps you young!! Take a proper break and re charge those bateries. Hope you feel better soon.
  14. Baloo

    Rev bridle

    I was fairly sure you would get DUMPED on big time with info. Saved me doing it.
  15. Baloo

    Rev bridle

    I am sure this was covered B4, however not able to find it at the moment. When I did mine I carefully took the old One apart and copied it. I know that the One part loops through the other. If you get no other advice I will take One of mine to bits and se if I can describe it.
  16. Me thinks it is you copying him. Welcome Hope you both enjoy your kites for many Years to come. From another Chris.
  17. Sorry, missed this One too. Hope you had a good time Scott
  18. You might find that a fine needle just to open the knot a little, then a fatter needle to open it more works, thats how I did it. Ad nice and slow, no rush.
  19. Hey John, hope you have a good Day Tomorrow. From a Brother on another Continent.
  20. Sorry missed ths One, hope you had a good One.
  21. I could do that easy, IN MY DREAMS. I am sure most folks dont even know how hard it is to fly One haded, I can just about manage a hover for all of about a micro second. Let alone a Rev in each had. You WOW me Steve, neat video. Thanks for posting it.
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