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  1. I have quite a few Rev's and fly them much less than I ought to. However I just love a Rev 1 Race set up on 50ft lines with that nice gentle wind, it is bliss. I say, buy the Rev 1, I am sure you will love it, for different reasons from the 1,5's and consider selling the SLE.
  2. I would not want to administer it either, that is why I suggested you . I would be happy to try to help, just need to make sure any funds raised are administered properly and fairly.
  3. Another more risky idea, both Portsmouth and Bristol (the events I know the most) have auctions, is it possible that there could be a Rev fund part to the auction for items donated by local Rev fliers that could be put into a fund pot? Maybe the "hook" presented to the auction organisers could be, with this fund we could help even more cool Quad fliers to the party.
  4. I know it is not much, and possibly too late for this Year, however to help fund travel costs for long distance teams I would be happy to drop a Tenner in the pot, as long as maybe Felix was happy to administer the distribution of the funds, just an idea.
  5. Sorry John, just couldnt resist that One.
  6. It sounds realy stupid to make it so the kite will almost not take off when you launch, however it makes SO much difference to flying. Glad you tried it and stuck with it, no problem backing it off a bit to make it easier to launch. I suggest you sped some time in the "step back quick pop" setting each time you fly, you will get more and more used to it. The only time I tend to set more forward is in very low wind, and I am sure most would say that is the wrong thing to do. However I am a very lazy flier and dont use my feet much.
  7. Yep 7 train lines, One on each end cap, however dont forget the On in the middle of the leading edge.
  8. Interesting idea, I would say bring on the Million, then think hang on, I need to use the Internet at work, then again, for £4,000 a Month, what work?
  9. I think it is better to have them both inside or outside, rather than One of each. Fairly sure I have seen folks mention that they swap them around Once in a while to reduce wear, not sure if it make much difference though. Not even sure if it makes much difference if they are on opposite sides, however now that you have noticed it you might find it makes a difference in your mind!!
  10. You need user name and log in with that link.
  11. Bit of a late ask, anyone else going to Hereford fest this Year?
  12. Thanks guys, and they do do do-do, what is all this Toilet humour about Had a great time, good group of folks, 11 for the whole week, then 35 for the Weekend (including 7 Instructors)lit a few fires, cooked up some good grub, had a good chinwag round the campfire. And as a bonus on the last Evening there was We will rock you, the Queen stageshow and a gret firework display in the park which we were able to watch. Also got to see some fantastic sunsets which we never see rom home. Oh and an excuse to play with my sharp knives and axe, no cuts this Year though.
  13. For the catch you need the kite high up in the apex of the window,sharp pull on the top lines, sounds easy
  14. The Bear is back. Thank you for the comments!! No Satellite, Roger Smith, Goldilocks or BooBoo. Didnt get lost. And yes they do do that in the woods. Cheers Guys.
  15. Just thought I would drop a line, will not be about for a Week, got an Expedition course I am helping out with so will not be near Technology for a week. Just in case anyone misses me.
  16. Mine is L5/S1 also, but prolapsed to the right, lifting a patient that was pretending to be unresponsive, she twisted, I twisted and POP that was it, no more Paramedic for me. Still got Toothake in my bum most of the time, and pins and needles down the outside of my leg and small toes. Went to an Oesteo for about 18 Months till we agreed he had got it about as good as it will get. Between the Two of us we could make a decent spine
  17. Glad you are having fun. Keep us posted with how you get on.
  18. Sounds good to me, I have a custom set that I keep Race Rods in all the time, then I have a set of B's with various rods whice are always in the car. I am very tempted to swap round and put the custom Race Rod Revs in the Car as I do love them all with RRs in them.
  19. Only got a prolapsed disk myself. Not very exotic.
  20. Take no notice of him Bob, he is only jelous. I have noticed it is a bit slow, however I have not given my router a boot for a whil, it might be that.
  21. Hey SV, just think what your skills would be like if you had a 3 on 1 with JB, TK and Watty. So if no One else shouts up you could have them all to yourself, you lucky man you. Other option, buy all 12 places yourself, ends up the same.
  22. Baloo

    I love my B2

    Did you get the Race Travel set from Rev, or were you brave enough to take a dremmel to a set of rods? A race travel set sounds GOOD. (if ever I needed an excuse to go buy a dremmel tool!!)
  23. Out of interest actually I don't have 2 cars, I only have 4. just seem to be good at sending things twice. Got another twice to go yet. However I can only drive One at a time. Will probably be in the big Orange One this time.
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