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  1. Hey Ant, hope you had a great time.
  2. Welcome Scott, glad you are enjoying REVving up And John, just realised it is YOUR fault Dogs like to chase Kites so much.
  3. Thanks, anyway they look pretty cool birds.Vultures always remind me of the cartoon picture I saw Years ago. 2 Vultures in a tree, looking pretty hungy, One says to the other. "Heck, I am tired of this, lets go kill something." And good luck to the conservation project. A great shame when reducung the suffering of One group affects another so much. When you hear about this makes you realise how important other things are, like Fly's, not that I think they are endangered. Or dont think they are pesky, just about the cleaning up that Maggots and so many other little creatures do.
  4. Wow, that looked fantastic. Realy showed the control over flight that the birds have. Anyone know what type of bird they are please?
  5. Hi, welcome to the Forum. I would say the dealer is offering good advice. It is possible you might buy the B2 and think wow this is crazy fast, dont want anything to do with this and it will gather dust on a shelf for the rest of its life. I thought Revs were expensive when I first met them, so went for a cheaper quad to start with. It was crazy fast and spun round out of control all the time, so it lingered on a shelf. To let you know haw bad it was, I tried to give it to JB to give away on Kitelife and he refused it, suggesting I gave it to someone I didnt like I ended up giving it back to the dealer to strip for spares. That was about 18 Revs ago. Including 4 Rev 2's which I love, I would SO like a B2. I know of folks who started flying Revs with the Speed series kites, and if you think the B2 is fast, try One of those. Bit of a long answer, short One, if you WANT a B2 go for it, please dont give up too early, and try to find someone local to help you get the basics. Then again, you might find it easier to do this with a 1.5. My first Rev was a Rev 1. Oh, and they are a bit like Fruit Pastels, you cant help chewing, and you can never stop at One. Have fun, let us know how you get on. If you are anyweher near me you are welcome to try mine.
  6. Oh and GREAT idea Ben. Hope you have just started a feeding frenzy.
  7. Ah, and are the pictures of the actual kites? Dont see any Bazzer Eyes there, so the only One on my wish list might be a B2 if there was One in the pile, do like the Ones with Purple in though.
  8. Hope you have a good One Lolly.
  9. Good to see you on the forum again mate. Had missed you.
  10. Welcome, glad you are happy with the Rev. Much nicer to fly in slower winds though. Enjoy.
  11. Said "Hi" to a few of thse places for you Jim, sadly no flying thoug, didt measure the wind but it must have ben between 25 and 50 mph all the time I was near the beach. Dont mind flying in high winds, do have a problem with being Sand Blasted all the time though.
  12. Might go to that place. Or even up Snowdon. Only if the railway is working though. Just for the moment spending a couple of nights in Peckforton castle. Yes a real castle. 71 steps up to our bedroom.
  13. Hi folks, I am off to North Wales for a few Days. Going to be at Peckforton Castle for the Weekend then Rhyl for Mon, tues, Wed Thurs. Might try to find another place to stay for next Weekend, not sure yet. Would be great to get together with anyone if you are available, I know it is short notice. PM me and I should be able to pick it up on my phone. Bit of a long shot but would be nice to meet up.
  14. Looked like good fun. When I saw the title I thought for a moment that I was going to see a garden full of kites. Nice looking kite too.
  15. Hang on, I live in Herefordshire. (quietly looking down and counting toes, yep, 6 on each foot. Sigh of relief, normal, just like other Rev fliers. )
  16. Sorry Bazzer, missed this One, hope you had a geat Day.
  17. Nice looking kite, I have One similar age but retired due to a rip in the Leading Edge mesh. I agree with John, the additional parts look like they would make up the sticks to go on the back of the sail, often called magic sticks or training wheels. Wonder if Rev did supply these all that time back, it seems strange if they didnt come with the kite that an owner went to all the trouble of setting them up without ever flying it. Not that I question the fact that it has never been flown. And if John has never seen that colour combination it must be pretty rare. I talked to Lolly at Rev a while ago and she said she made many of the early Rev 1's. Will be a good buy, hope you manage to make yourself and the buyer happy with the price.
  18. Long way. Expensive. Harley cost 2k, shed to put it in cost 1.5k NO money left On Holls in UK at the time. Hope to get there b4 I die.
  19. Although i could easily suggest the way a kite is set up, many folks would set up differently. Normally on short lines and flown in a similar way to indoor flying where little or no wind, or indeed a dirty swirling wind is all that is available. However mostly to do with location, at street level in a town, maybe a shopping centre or possibly a small park surrounded by buildings. Attire is optional, a hoodie is not needed, however the hooligan action of most street kiters would require hidden identity
  20. I have never bought a quad line set at Portsmouth or Bristol, however have bought some bulk line and made my own up. There are normally quite a few stalls at both fests, Kiteworld and Highwayman both have Revs, if you get in touch with Kiteworld they will make sure they bring linsets with them. Do remind them a couple of times though as they are very busy. The least you will be able to do is try a set out in the Rev arena. Aso you have a god group of fliers in the Hamsphire Hoverers, think it is Stokes Bay they tend to fly at. Drop Jonesey a pm he should be able to let you know when they fly. Good luck, hope to meet you a Porsmouth.
  21. Baloo

    hi all

    Welcome, hope to meet you some time.
  22. Especially like the side slides and circle round the window.
  23. What a great idea. I like the solid colour Rev 2's, wish I had more of them. Look forward to the pictures.
  24. Not ANOTHER Year older , hope you have a good One. Cheers, Chris.
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