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  1. Well it is past midnight this side of the pond. I would like to wish Ben a happy birthday and hope that his hand is guided to my name in the Great Bens Birthday Kite Draw. At least I have one of the kites Ben donated to the Kitelife auction on the way to me soon. Good luck all. Regards, Chris.
  2. I am definatly ordering one of each. Just got to wait for the vented to come out. Just love that blue.
  3. Looks good to me. Bit more user friendly.
  4. Well done. Hope the show was good for you. Keep up the good work. I LOVE Rev kites.
  5. Hi all, I am starting to get a collection of Revs now. Rev 1, Exp, Rev 2 and a supersonic. The Rev 2 handles are shorter with a tighter bend. Rev 1 and Exp the same exept the foam bit is thicker on the Rev1. The Supersonic seems to have the same curve but a bit longer. Some have pigtails, (I know this is a usefull mod). Can I reasonably use any of the handles for any of the kites or are the lengths/bends tailored to suit one better than the other? I have not been able to fly them all enough to do my own experiments as we are in the doldrums here at the moment. Thanks for any advice. Regards, Chris.
  6. Just missed a Supersonic on Ebay!! Your idea makes sense Kip. Would be good to have some idea of how much I need to allow though. I tried to experiment with your idea today, unfortunatly no wind at all. Now while I am at work I can be sure there is just the right wind. Strange that. Have bought all my Revs off Ebay, unfortunatly the Rev 1 has a split in the mesh between the sail and the mesh. As it is an early one Lolly tells me it would be difficult to repair. I will keep flying it till it wont!! Cheers, Chris.
  7. Hi all, I am fairly new to Rev kites but allready "hooked" I currently have an EXP, Rev1 and 2 Rev 2's which I am thinking of stacking. My question. My Rev 1 is an early one with the aluminium inserts in the end caps and the spring clips on the end of the lines. Now I KNOW that ALL revs fly with equal length lines (exept the early ones :oops: ) so first thing I did was make all the lines the same length. Of course then I find that they should not be (after throwing the trimmed bits on the fire :cry: ). Can anyone please tell me the difference in the lengths for the early Rev 1 lines so that I can add a bit to the bridle of the correct length. I have also taken the clips off so that I can larkshead the lines. Information greatfully acceped. Seasons stuff and all that, Another point, working = wind day off = flat calm Chris.
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