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  1. Thanks for posting that Felix. Yours looks like a mini Sedg indeed. I would think with it being a prototype the folks at Rev built it along the lines of the Neos / Rev 1, then eventually settled for the shpe we now know as the Rev 2, obviously leading onto the 1.5.

    If ever you want to give the mini away it could cuddle up to the 3 Hot Sedgwicks I have :-)

    I am pleased you had a chance to fly the Race Rods. Quick little beggers those Rev 2's, I feel I am in slow motion when I go back to a 1.

    Nice picture btw, you could almost mistake it for a Sedge and a 1.5 besides each other.

    Would have been a good picture to put up in that thread where foks were asking "what is this" or whatever it was called.

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