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  1. I have all 3, my favorite is the supersonic, 70 mph fast, the shockwave is about the same speed but pulls more; The Blast really pulls hard but I think it's slower, with a 1/4 inch leading edge flys well in light winds. If interested you should check out GONE WITH THE WIND SWAP Meet. I have a Shockwave & a Blast for sale. Good Sailing John
  2. jrm07

    When Snakes Attack

    No , not my snake, his owner brings him to the bay for a walk. Also it stimulates him for dinner that's waiting at home, a " Pesky Wabbit". John
  3. They were filming this Movie at Mission Bay today " SNAKES ON A REV ".
  4. Thanks everyone, had way to much birthday cake, but it's good for you right ? John
  5. Happy Birthday from " JIMI".
  6. Hi Louie, I might be able to help, although I'll be going to Kite Party & the Rev clinic in March so let me know when you get here. John
  7. Happy Birthday Mike Tracy! Hope you have a good one, see you this spring at LB. John
  8. jrm07


    Where is this on the Big Island? If your still there try the Black Sand Beach on the southern tip of the Island.
  9. They were in the SUV with the dogs, we flew all 3 after lunch at Mission Bay. Wind hasn't been great lately but we did fly a bit. Never thought I would get a Pro but when I saw this one, couldn't resist! Great work Bazzer,& thanks Theresa ! John
  10. Got my new kite today, here I am with my new kite smiling from ear to ear, now I have to find a Halloween costume! Oh yeah here's one of my friends with his!
  11. Posting for a friend Rasberry sizzle, like new condition only flown a few times on grass, asking $399. shipped conus paypal. Thanks John
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