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  1. I have been sent the following text which confirms that the event is going ahead:-

    "Due to recent council efficiency measures, the events programme in Sunderland has been reviewed and developed to create a new festival in the summer of 2011. The "Sunderland Festival" (provisional title) will take place on July 2nd and 3rd 2011 at the Northern Area Playing Fields in Washington and in other venues around the city including flagship parks and seaside resorts.

    The new event will have a wider remit than previous kite and friendship festivals and will focus in particular on community participation and there are plans for music concerts each evening in a big top tent on site. Kites will still play a large part of the event with an area reserved for specialist kitefliers to demonstrate, and it is hoped that kitefliers from all over the UK come to take part. Sadly, there is no money to support travel and accommodation so it is unlikely that many international kitefliers will be able to join us, although they are still welcome. The city plans to invite a small number of guest kitefliers from a selected country and in 2011, it is likely that the guest country will be the USA.

    We hope that, as in previous years, free camping and parking will be available for registered kitefliers, so if you are interested in attending The Sunderland Festival, please put the dates in your diary now. I hope to be able to send out more information soon and to start registration for kitefliers as soon as possible"

    The Decs have attended this event 'most' years since the team was formed so I hope that we will find a way to get there again this year.


    I got the same mail and I am hoping to get there again this year


  2. ..but it's not Christmas yet - are Flying Squad flying to a different calendar. :P

    Following Bob's excuse, I just had an appointment with a Carol service. Apparently she was quite pleased with the result... :blink:

    So - next gathering: 27th, or New Year?

    It was a bit cold but we had a great time, thanks to everyone there.

    I Dont think I can make the 27th but should be there in the new year.

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  3. We would be more than happy Stephen. Have you any dates in mind. I think Big Peter needs us to avoid one weekend in February (20th and 21st) so he can be part of it.

    I've borrowed a picture to show part of the flying site (our local field). We would be to the right in an adjacent enclosed field.


    Picture courtosy of Choccys album - I hope it's okay

    I could'nt get to Bri's do but it looked really good. Will try and get to this one if possible, my mum lives 15 mins away and it's a very familiar landmark to me (Penshaw monument)


  4. I was at Woolacombe at the weekend and met up with Duncan, he has been flying Revs for 4 years and never flown with anyone before. In the 4 years he has been flying at Woolacombe beach he has never seen another rev there before.

    I have attached a couple of pictures taken with a mobile phone camera.post-2496-1253561012_thumb.jpgpost-2496-1253561030_thumb.jpgpost-2496-1253561045_thumb.jpg

    Duncan did really well and if anyone else ever goes to Woolacombe in Devon he would love to fly with someone again.

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