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  1. Well, considering you had a grin from ear to ear while flying someone else's kite, you are going to enjoy flying what ever Rev you get. What kite was the one you flew today? How difficult was it for YOU to fly? If you are able to afford the B series without any financial qualms, go for it. If not, the EXP will give hours of enjoyment, and a B series or a 1.5 can still be in the future, or even a speed series kite if you are more adventurous. It is often said here that you can't own just one Rev, I have yet to need to buy two.......
  2. Oh stop it, you are making me want to put a engine in my '67 RS.......No $$$$ to do it now!
  3. Right on! Another astronomer who needed something to do in the daytime. The main reason for kites for me was so I had something to do at star parties during the day. I had gone to a star party in Goldendale WA last month, and packed the old skynasaur, I was glad I did! The Rev is going to make my star party afternoons real fun, and give me something to do on other weekends as well!
  4. Thank you for the happy b-days, officially 45 trips around the old sun now. I talked to Corey at Wind Power Sports and found out the color I wanted, teal and black, would arrive at his shop early next week, and he will ship it out as soon as he gets it. I am also waiting on the line (3300ft spectra) for my single line high flier setup, but I may go out and put the Ascension up on the 400-500 ft of Dacron I have just to get the kite used to flying. I know, single line.....BORING......but I like any kite, and relaxing in a lawn chair having a carbonated beverage and shooting the breeze with friends is a nice way to spend a afternoon. I have been doing my research on tying knots and how to sleeve line, looks like a sleeving needle or a guitar string is on my to buy list. Hopefully by the time I get this Rev out to fly the first time, I will know what not to do!
  5. I am getting twitchy just to have a rev in my hands right now..... waiting for it is cruel and unusual punishment, and all I did was order it!
  6. My primary hobby is astronomy. In the astronomy community, there is a accepted supposition that buying new "astrogear" (telescopes and associated gear) will cause cloudy weather, in proportion to the cost of the equipment, and make using the new stuff all but impossible for a while. This is often discussed at Cloudy Nights Astronomy Forum. My Mom bought me a new single line kite for my birthday, and it arrived today. We are also having very stormy conditions outside, rain, wind, rain, and more rain. I may have a opportunity to put it up this Sunday, (today is Friday) if forecasts are correct. Now this is a $30 kite, a New Tech Ascension. What should I expect when my $240 Rev 1.5 SLE arrives? No fly weather for two weeks or more???? :confused!:
  7. Thank you all for the replies! I will definitely check out the 1/4 rods when the $ is available. Since I live in the same corner of the globe, who knows, I might run across JB at some event at Ocean Shores or Long Beach. Yes, waiting for this kite to arrive has made it seem like I have entered a time warp, the days are longer and I swear there are more of them in a week! I have used the "no stretch" spectra fishing line when fishing for halibut. I hooked bottom with my rig and actually pulled a sea anemone off of the rock it was on. I was using 100# test woven, and that is what sold me on spiderwire from then on.
  8. Been lurking for about a week, thought I would join and add what I can. I am 45, and have flown various kites off and on all my life. When I was a preteen, I had a Scott's sled with about 2000 feet of 25# mono to fly it on. I had it out so far, it was a just a tiny dot in the sky. I have had a dual line "Skynasaur" for about 20+ years, still fly it occasionally. It is a old fiberglass rod kite that is heavy and takes a lot of wind to get it aloft. I was checking out the newer kites and remembered seeing a quad line kite about 10 years ago. It was similar to a Rev, was a solid red color, and about 16 inches wide. So I made the mistake of looking at quads, found the Rev, and now I am about $240 lighter and waiting on a 1.5 SLE to be shipped to me. Now for a question. I have not seen mentioned any use for spectra fishing line, such as spiderwire. Is this a line one could use, or would there be problems with it? I did get lines with my kite, do not plan to use spiderwire anytime soon. I just thought it would be interesting to see what you guys would say. I will be on the side, checking in once in a while!
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