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  1. I got my new Pro set and so....I have kites that need a new home:

    B-pro matching set, 3 kites, full sail, mid vent, full vent. light blue and gold with black center. Comes with one race rod set, 3 wrap set, and four wrap set, and a pair of Pro Snagless Handles. Full sail has torn leading edge mesh, but repairable. The kites were owned by Watty, and I bought them last year. Asking $500 for all, will not break it up.

  2. There are LOTS of walkie talkie apps in the android store, but someone needs to research to see which one would be best. There are versions that use data, and others that are blue tooth. For Verizon customers, the data type would be problematic at this time, due to Verizon not having data capable towers in the Long Beach WA area.

  3. I will second the rev sticks, it will help IMMENSELY with learning the routine. I really recommend FMRS/GMRS radio with a headset. Only callers need transmit capabilities, and having one with a bug in your ear will make flying in team much easier. Brett had a setup where he played the music in his transmission while he called, made it easy to get the key points of the routine timed to the music.

    Good Job Bri!!!! I will be there all week to help anyone with the routine, or even getting started flying along side others.

    And if anyone needs a kite stake............ :sign_kitelife:

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  4. I am going to try to fly next to as many Rev fliers as I can throughout the week........ I will be there mon-sun... :sign_kitelife:

    Don't know about the comps, I do not figure I am at that level yet. I have a long way to go, and I have no idea how to put together a routine. Besides every song I would love to fly to in comp is longer than 4 minutes.

    Should folks interested in learning the boot camp routine bring Revs on sticks?

  5. I wonder if Larry realizes that he will be flying team by the end of the week? I am sure Alden and I can find our moment to surround him on both sides and show him the true ways of the dark side....... :big_starwars:

  6. This was a HUGE highlight in my life. I learned so much, and I feel that I have brought my skills up a few notches. At one time on Sunday, we were waiting on a team mate and did a bit of a 6 person mega-fly with a couple other team members. We did benefits, compound benefits, and a fountain with no prior planning. I felt much more comfortable on the line, and more in control of the kite. If another team boot camp was announced I would not be able to sign up fast enough!

    Watch out WSIKF, Team Free Agents will Rock the House! :sign_kitelife:

  7. I will be there!

    I have booked the room at T-bird, and need to wait a couple weeks to book the flight. I will probably arrive Friday evening on Southwest Airlines at Tampa Bay Airport, and leave Monday morning/afternoon. Hopefully everything will coalesce into a great time for all!

    I will finally be able to say "AARRR" like a pirate...... :sign_kitelife:

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