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  1. Masanobu Komuro

    TBFP 2008 JB demo/ rev, low wind

    Hi John The 2nd demo http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=x5wGrgPp35o
  2. Masanobu Komuro

    Indoor Kite Performance

    Big Amazing!! Great performance
  3. Masanobu Komuro

    Close up handling of Rooy's 2-quad

    You can watch the amazing detail!!!
  4. Masanobu Komuro

    Welcome Back From Japan

    I say great thanks to all iQuad,Ben,Felix and all participants at Uchinada. 36-Mega flight was very difficult wind but great fun! I made up video Coming Tokyo Bay Flight Party 2008 in Kasai is dated 15-16,Nov.2008.
  5. Thank you Mr. John.

    I would say hello everybody!!

  6. Welcome aboard Komuro-san!

    John B and I have been working together with Komuro-san on the International Rulse Book Committee for some time now.