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  1. This is my new team that I'm personally sponsoring and I want everyone to welcome them so let me introduce to you " i Bolt "

    this is Revolutions new sponsored team..... :wacko: I must tell you they are a handful when the all get together.... Ben :devil::devil:

    Hey Ben - sponsorship is a risky business. Just make sure you don't get screwed by them - they may take your money and bolt. They just look like a bunch of nuts after all! :lol:

  2. Wow, those are REALY great.

    No Baloo the Bear though?

    Now Chris, if you were going to the TI kite festival in January he'd *have* to make a Baloo the Bear..... ;)

    Nice kites Steve, but please don't put them in a Rok battle as I wouldn't want to see the children in tears if Minnie kicks butt and knocks Mickey out of the sky!

  3. I echo Bri's preference for 'KISS' to the user. However the needs of moderation are paramount. We take it for granted just how the forum ticks along, allowing us to exchange ideas freely, without ticking us off with adverts for little pills, unlocked phones., etc. I'm sorry to say that site security requirements are paramount these days and if change allows the moderators an occasional outing to fly a kite, then stop talking about it - Just Do It!

    My observation on the Kitelife forum is just the amount of wasted space showing the poster's name/avator/life history. But seriously, being smaller, it is just neater here. When the same person is effectively in a dialogue, then it really doesn't add to the sum total of knowledge for the amount of space it consumes. Maybe this is just a configuration issue. I do like the 'print' link on the Kitelife forum which culls this bloat should it be necessary to kill a tree....

    (This opinion is worth the full amount you paid for it.)

  4. Awesome job by Bri, Kev and the ladies - Teas, Coffee and home-made soups on tap throughout the event. Rev pilots grinning from ear to ear for 2.5 days solid!

    And a special thank you to the wardens for putting those nice big kite stakes all along the beach - no danger of them pulling out of the soft sand in a high wind!

    I'm just going to re-title the event: "UK Rev Party 2009". And to rub salt (or should that be sand?) into the wounds for those that couldn't make it this time around - you don't know what you missed! (But you can be sure we'll do our best to make it perfectly clear to y'all! :devil: )

    I'll try to post a picture of the new improved "grip profile" ultra-portable Rev handles once I've got the leader lines attached....

    Thanks again Bri for making it all happen!

  5. Sadly I can't make it this weekend.. but I have checked out the weather forecast and :blink: oh dear.... 60mph winds and heavy rain!!!

    Weather.com has it down as a great weekend for washing kites (winds between 20-25mph) as does BBC weather. Metcheck suggests Sunday for blow drying (apart from the issue of more rain, of course).

    I'm with Bri - looking for the seaside/beach micro-climate.

    Then again, anyone know of a large (warm) gymnasium near Southport with 30+ indoor Revs for loan? :devil:

  6. It's amazing how many superstitious rituals they go through to create the illusion that what they are doing is correct. Walk backwards ... hold the card in the "same" hand every time ... hold the card exactly the same way every time ... they probably hold it at the same height and repeat the same incantation also. Geez, it's so sad.

    Never mind, Tom. Superstition is not part of my flying vocabulary. How about: manage down the variables to ensure a predictable and replicable outcome? :P

    By all means hold on to your mantra of "figure of eight". If it works, fine. If you don't want to evaluate suggestions and other comments constructively, great. After all, continuous improvement doesn't work for everyone. :devil:

  7. I'm not so sure. Whichever way you wind is likely to introduce twists (unless it's wound on a large cable drum). I would have thought that the key element is to optimise the tension so that as you unwind later the twists fall out as you go and that there are no areas of undue stretching whilst stored.

    Figure of eight might allow for less tension (I think the radius of turning at each point of the card will be greater - introducing less stress - than at the two ends of a straight wind) so might be beneficial for that reason. But then I might be talking complete balderdash - it wouldn't be the first time. :lol:

    I've tried both figure of eight and straight winds, but now just use a straight wind - for me it's quicker to wind away and set up.

    I tend to walk backwards when winding and ensure I always hold the 'card' the same way up in the same hand, whether winding or unwinding. This minimises the "twists and throughs" on setup. Works for me, but YMMV!

  8. I'm not sure I will be that early I was reckoning on arriving mid afternoon allowing for an hour's carpentry before hitting the town in the evening. But if others are planning on flying I may have to rethink my plans.

    I like.... We've already persuaded Bob to head up during the day on Friday and now looks as if he'll need to leave at 07:00 to clear Brum and get to the beach before lunch! Just make sure there's a good supply of Bedfordshire Clangers (and not the veggie ones) left for his arrival! :lol:

  9. Bri - I hope your tame photographer (or local photo club B) ) will be on hand and authorise release of pictures of Felix's kites being flown for the forum.

    I'm quite sure the Aidsdale weather will provide blue skies for us, so the images will not require Photoshop touch-ups. Don't you just hate being touched up?.....

  10. How about:

    Know thy limits

    Whilst it is good to "push the boundaries", there may be conditions where it is just better to land and watch. For example in very light or howling winds when you haven't got the right tools for the job for team flying (equipment and/or expertise).

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