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  1. I have let Gérard know that there will not be a formal proposal from The Revolution teams/fliers based on the feedback I have seen. I have just heard from John Barresi that iQuad would not be able to attend in 2011 without sponsorship so it looks like we will have to cook up plans over a longer period of time.

    ...and based on the comments about accommodation, looks as if you'll be running a daily commute to the festival (season ticket on Eurostar?) :kid_devlish:

  2. Thanks all for this discourse. Whilst I try to get my head around the "loop allowances" in each method ...and the stakes separated by 1 foot more than the final line length required... :ani_giveup:

    I'm assuming that the line stretching is achieved through of a steady pull rather than jerking action - but is the point of "stretch completed" discernible [other than through bitter experience]? For example, does it stretch noticeably at first, then progressively less until (in extremis) it snaps?

  3. ... I mean you all seem to be able to sleep at night knowing that you are driving on the wrong side of the road and destroying the queens english on a daily basis so I'm sure this is no different

    Oh, but I really hate to say this. Jonesey, please tell me you meant the Queen's English, rather than a variant of Pidgin English that I've never encountered. Perhaps as used in a suburb called Queens? It's just that its apostrophe has gone on the run again... The excuse of using one of those touchpad keyboards just doesn't cut it anymore!


    [Dons tin helmet and hides beneath parapet knowing own mistake is just around the croner :busted2:]

  4. Try flying on Treasure Beach Flordia. Seems like almost every person walks looking down at the sand. Keep getting, "Sorry I didn't see the kite" ( which was flying about four foot off the ground right in front of them). Or watch the kite then walk between you and the kite. Like what is keeping the kite in the air. Some times I ask them if they are wearing earrings. And tell them the kite lines like to cut off ears and I pick up the jewerly. And they keep on walking. Obliviotist. Or is that Oblividiotist.

    To be fair, LPG lines are quite well camoflaged against the sand/shell beach at TI.

  5. I saw all the photos and video and told myself, "steady Ben you can't make them all", kid_cussing.gif,kid_cussing.gif,kid_cussing.gif, why was'nt I there all

    I had to do was sell my soul and I could have made it grrrrrrrrrrrrr...... Well maybe next year for sure, great show one and all and

    it looks as if you all had loads of fun.... Ben kid_brooding.gif

    Rest your foot Ben and we'll certainly look forward to seeing you next year! :w00t:

  6. Day 3: 32 in the mega-grid.

    Thanks for the updates Bart - please keep 'em coming - this could always be stripped out for a blog later!! :kid_content:

    I'll agree completely that the grid in light winds conditions freaks me out too - but the fear of dropping out of the grid (and taking others at the same time) is probably greater than the likelihood in most cases. The callers are experienced fliers and we rely on them to call it a day if the conditions are bad or to have a tactful word if there is a participant who really needs some specific practice before engaging with the display.

  7. Hey Ben - sorry to hear of your predicament. A few months off your feet will undoubtedly cramp your (kite) style, but if it sorts out the problems and gives you many, many more happy and pain-free seasons with kites in hand it sounds like it's a good investment. And it won't stop you getting all those phone calls - but maybe you just need to take the nice ones, rather than those that demand the reply "You want #what#? ...by @[email protected]???!!!"

    ..there's a great Rev community here to pray for your complete recovery my friend! [Please keep us updated on any key dates...]

  8. (Myself & g/f were flying 2 B's at the top end around midday...)

    Awww - you should have joined us!

    The "fence" was unofficial and only there to make sure passing cars, bicycles, pushchairs etc. didn't drive through the lines. They see the kites, but only the experienced kite festival visitors realise there's anything attached to them! :kid_brooding:

  9. Daz, who else came with you today - The guy with the nice blue 1.5, didn't catch his name?

    I'll leave the fine detail to Daz (Did you mean Colin ......?)

    As if to ensure decent weather, I forgot to bring the camera yesterday - yes, had the fence posts as well as the canopy and kites that didn't even emerge from the car. Did anyone capture the team of 20 on celluloid (or electronic format)?

    And thanks to Stephen and Stuart for sacrificing a flying opportunity to act as caller/commentator and ground crew for us respectively. Stuart's help was invaluable, efficiently sorting out the pre-performance crash and burn...

  10. The phone was not being answered last night so I suspect it is no longer there!

    Either that or Friday and Saturday nights are so busy they don't need to answer the phone. I saw a reference in a conference brochure of June 2010 (print date unknown) which still listed Blue Nile in Osbourne Road. But I'm sure we'll find somewhere to eat...

  11. When you make a new line set do you have to use a sleeve on themconfused_1.gif

    It is possible to make them without sleeving, as the Revolution supplied lineset for my original EXP testifies. Having said that, ongoing maintenance (i.e. adjusting / equalising) is *far* easier if they're sleeved!

  12. I have ordered a replacement spar and cant wait to get back out there. Also I noticed you can get 4 wrap spares, maybe I should get some of those for stronger winds.

    You might like to think about getting a vented B for these stronger wind conditions as it will be less of a battle to fly and result in less stretching of the sail - the regular vented B comes with 4 wrap and 3 wrap as standard.

  13. I suspect that Gill and Jon may be sympathetic to the idea even if their hands may be tied this late in the day. If they are looking for a mega fly we may have some leverage.

    Great idea Felix! You probably know Gill and Jon better than most of us, so if they're able to help, please do let us know. I'd be up for some flying in addition to the social agenda - even if it is in defined timeslots. [but not too early as breakfast isn't served until 07:30 at Rees Hall....]

  14. But for what it's worth this is me, though as has already been said there is not normally enough space for us lesser mortals so I don't normally fly much until Monday morning when the arena ropes come down.

    Naa, doesn't look familiar to me, Bob. I thought you flew a burkha - mostly in black with a couple of colourful slots....

    OK, so if it's not hot, I might wear my Rev fleece (it'll be the gold 'n' black B series on the back).

  15. The internet has made us so much closer! Don't be shy about shopping on line :) I ship to the UK all the time :)

    Where spares are required quickly (ex-stock), I'd recommend Kiteworld (a Clicks 'n' Mortar store) as it avoids any delays at customs (and additional hidden charges). As I recall, the de-minimis value to avoid VAT (and any associated administration charge levied by the agent) is only £18.

  16. Or you do the super glue repair

    ..I'm fairly sure that the super glue isn't as quite as super as when it first came out and people attached themselves to fridges, etc. But how do you ensure that you end up with a smooth sail surface with a good repair, without leaving your hand as a permanent feature of the kite?

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