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  1. OK chalk up another one. But I will want to renegotiate my accommodation if a discount ever materialises....
  2. Not sure what your super secret news is, but under the entry for Gee whilst you mention dual and multi-line, it omits his prowess at making and flying a variety of single line kites.
  3. The BBQ training weekend sounds great. Can we all come?
  4. I suspect you may mean these: Anodized handles by Baz from the thread "Ultra no snag handles". Best to PM him via the forum.
  5. Great job John - overcomes the fundamental insecurity (integrity) problems of the open Google maps. I think there are potentially two domains of interest: where are the fliers and where do they meet to fly?
  6. Cross-post of info from 'Open Topics'. There is an open access self-serve Google Map for those who would wish to show their locations: Rev Flyers of the World EDIT: On-site (official) Google map for Rev fliers - http://www.revkites.com/forum/membermap/
  7. Pete If you click on the [Edit] button and then choose your own location, it opens dialogue box. Top right is the 'pin' and clicking on this open up a raft of alternative optional markers. Now some of these are likely to confuse, but there are balloons and pins of assorted colours. But not to the extent that you can model your Rev colour scheme - *yet* - but you can add your own icon. [save] once you've updated, then you're done!
  8. Scroll the map to your home location (may need to zoom way out to move the distances involved), zooming in to the level of accuracy you want; Click Edit button to left of the map box; Click on the 'pin' icon in the top left of the map window and drag mouse to your location (the 'X' beneath it is the target); Click on your location to select it; Annotate your name and any comments in the 'balloon' box that opens up. One aspect I'm not sure of - you might need to create a google account or log on. I'm not sure, as I already had one for Google webmaster tools and such like! Hope this helps.
  9. OK all this talk of Google Maps. Is this the sort of thing you want? http://maps.google.c...UTF&msa=0&msid= 214199448634354836673.00049ae5d4db455dadf2f&z=1 Click on 'collaborate' and 'edit' to attach a pin. Not sure if you need to log in to a google account to use it, but I'm sure you'll find out. [Edit: zoom level is extreme with one marker, hopefully it will settle with use.]
  10. From Facebook postings, I think the decision is so hot off the press, it's burnt the paper....
  11. A whole different perspective on the megafly. (Wish I could have been with you!) [Double click on image to see in 600x480] Image added with permission. Marv has more of his festival pictures on Flikr: http://www.flickr.co...57625745380721/ [Edit: will teach this keyboard to spell correctly one day...]
  12. Quite possibly. However, can we rewind a little? I've one ever so slightly heretical question: What's so special about the number 100? Yes, it's a lot of kites, but what patterns, moves, transitions would it specifically open up? Given practical constraints for the column height of 6-8, surely this would promote a multiple of the height as the target number? Then, looking at the "building blocks" for stock moves (modelled on the Super Sixteen principles), replicating them in the horizontal plane suggests that 64 is a good number (8 x 8 might push the limits in lighter winds and mixed abilities) or 72 (6 x 6 + 6 x 6) followed by 108 (add another 6 x 6 block to the side) and so on.
  13. When you perfect it please be careful to segregate the fly and your human subject!
  14. Probably not - on two counts: I'd suggest there will be many smaller countries where no Rev flyers exist in Africa, Eastern Europe/Asia, maybe South America too; and, from a practical point of view, it would be almost impossible to get direct and authoritative 'negative' responses - at best it will be hearsay or third-party reporting.
  15. Hi John - you've got an interesting challenge on your hands here. As has been mentioned, if you go state specific in USA, then the equivalent is using French departments, Italian regions, etc. To borrow the equivalent principles of another hobby: Amateur Radio use a countries list: http://www.qrz.com/i/dxcc.html [eliminate the duplicates caused by different callsign prefixes] Here The "United States of America" counts as one entity, alongside "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". Ireland in this list is separate and represents just the South, of course. So, at the risk of complicating the count, I wonder if you might start with a simple countries list (USA counts as one), then subdivide by state, region, province, or whatever where the country count is sufficiently high to warrant it. It is true that characteristics of continental European countries can vary significantly across their domain, reflecting their close neighbours (I'm thinking Begium and Switzerland here, but I'm sure this is replicated throughout the world), geographic or political heritage.
  16. The videographer present doesn't frequent the Internet (nor by consequence this forum) so the question will need to be asked in person next weekend!
  17. And a homage to Absent Friends - you know who you are.....
  18. Is there any news on a live Internet Video stream for this year?
  19. Posties may be tough but there's no fooling me, you're on your own wearing Shorts and a T-shirt.
  20. Be careful - you might end up selling the ring-side seats to Bob's Portsmouth breakfasts next year.
  21. I'm just having a vision of a well known team flying their routine whilst riding unicycles. I think I need to go and lie down now!
  22. Happy to help as field crew and get in the way as usual. Maybe even get to fly once the deed has been done.
  23. Hopefully somebody will remember a camcorder. Perhaps Everyone could bring one along in case Somebody forgets...
  24. Probably depends just how early you hope to assemble on Saturday morning (and where)!
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