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  1. My source of spares for a repair kit includes:

    Trying to make out which rubber ring you're talking about here, as suggested already.

    It could be one of those little rubber rings that stops the knot on the bungee cords from pulling through the sail.

    Plastic cup washers - size M4.

    But I'd be more inclined to think you might be talking about ....(since you mentioned you've an SLE) the end cap rubber ring (circled in pink)

    3/8" tap washers - centre hole opened up.

    Or since you mentioned the LE it could be that vinyl bit that fits over the connector (circled in red)

    Rev spares available "Rev end caps - sandproof" - basically the same as the standard endcap but with the silicone rubber (?) sleeve. In packs of 2 with replacement bungee cord lengths. But its less likely that this would come off accidentally without a fair bit of persuasion!

  2. I'll probably have a full quiver by the end of the year - but meanwhile do you guys reckon that the 1.5 SLE is a reasonable first time Rev?

    Thanks in advance for any reassurance

    Welcome to the Dark Side!! :big_starwars:

    The 1.5SLE is a great kite. If you don't get a normal 3 or 4 wrap leading edge (the original SLEs came with a big fat tube) it would be well worth obtaining one as the slight flex (in my opinion) makes the kite much more controllable and less twitchy as the winds pick up.

    ...no doubt the quiver will fill soon. Oh, the other investment apart from a vented 1.5 (B or otherwise) may be the 120 foot lines if you fly team! Enjoy!!

  3. Located on the Dunstable Downs (near Luton / Dunstable), this year's kite festival spans the weekend of 16-17 July with a full performance programme. Limited camping facilities are available nearby (contact the Chiltern Gateway Centre for more details). It would not be unreasonable to anticipate a Megateam opportunity for Rev fliers present each day!

    Festival website - www.dunstablekitefestival.co.uk

    So - who's up for it??

    Nearest SatNav postcode: LU6 2NB

    kitemap.org location listing

  4. There are some other things that are implied. For example, with the call "180," in America at least, it is implied that you will do a down-turn 180, unless other ways specified. If someone isn't aware of this implication, it is very obvious, and easily corrected with a simple hint from the team leader.

    You've hit the nail on the head here. I tend to assume 180 as 180 up. Maybe that's just me. So a fully qualified call - in a Megateam or mixed team environment - i.e. "180 up" or "180 down" would be safest - assume nothing! Only problem comes in the leader's benefits, when not everyone ends up turning the same way half way through.

    I am a fan of TFS and others calling for pass-throughs as "English" or "French" - depending on direction of the rotation. Unfortunately this analogy doesn't work so well in the USA where roundabouts are relatively uncommon on the roads.... And just because the call is good doesn't mean I'll fly it right. Another favorite call is "No, the other left" to correct a routine.... :lol:

  5. I've lurked on the forums long enough . . . now I have a reason to post. I'm looking for some advice on places to fly my Rev in or near London. I'll have the afternoon of Sunday 8 May available for some flying time after I arrive at Heathrow in the morning, and possibly an evening after work (although the pub will beckon loudly, I'm sure). I won't have a car, so I'm probably limited to tube/bus/rail distance from the City. My client is located near Liverpool Street station, and I will probably stay at a hotel within reasonable walking/tube/bus distance from their offices. A quick look at the member map turned up Blackheath and Hampton Court. And . . . judging by the blog entries . . . Felix and the Decorators seem to turn up at Blackheath frequently on Sundays. Any additional advice and location suggestions welcome. Full disclosure - I've been flying revs for maybe 6 months now, so my flying skills are somewhere near "rubbish." I've found IKE here in Illinois and have practiced a bit with them (which is the reason I'm just near rubbish, not total rubbish). Thanks.

    Hmm - the where can I fly question throws up some suggestions:




    ...but the pertinent question may be "where can I fly with others on Sunday?". If you don't get a direct response here, I'd suggest PM'ing to check that there'll be someone there that day before making a special trip (in case they're involved with the Swindon kite festival).

    There are a number of parks in London, but the "square mile" - City of London - is constrained with more formal (smaller) gardens, with trees but more important: horrible wind due to the surrounding buildings.

  6. Great job John - overcomes the fundamental insecurity (integrity) problems of the open Google maps. I think there are potentially two domains of interest: where are the fliers and where do they meet to fly?

    BTW: here is an easy way of getting your co-ordinates:

    Go to google maps and using the hand to move the map centre and the [+] to zoom, find your chosen location. Then with your mouse pointer over this location, right-click (yeah, this is PC speak, rather than Mac-speak) and select the "What's here?" option. The latitude and longitude will appear in the search box, from where you can copy it and paste into this map's 'add location' entry.

  7. On another note: sometimes I see your marker as the standard inverted teardrop and some times as a push-pin, and always in green rather than the blue of the rest of the markers. Is there some way to edit the marker appearance? I haven't seen it if there is.


    If you click on the [Edit] button and then choose your own location, it opens dialogue box. Top right is the 'pin' and clicking on this open up a raft of alternative optional markers. Now some of these are likely to confuse, but there are balloons and pins of assorted colours. But not to the extent that you can model your Rev colour scheme - *yet* - but you can add your own icon. :kid_smartass:

    [save] once you've updated, then you're done!

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  8. So, how do I add my location?

    1. Scroll the map to your home location (may need to zoom way out to move the distances involved), zooming in to the level of accuracy you want;
    2. Click Edit button to left of the map box;
    3. Click on the 'pin' icon in the top left of the map window and drag mouse to your location (the 'X' beneath it is the target);
    4. Click on your location to select it;
    5. Annotate your name and any comments in the 'balloon' box that opens up.

    One aspect I'm not sure of - you might need to create a google account or log on. I'm not sure, as I already had one for Google webmaster tools and such like!

    Hope this helps.

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  9. OK all this talk of Google Maps. Is this the sort of thing you want?



    Click on 'collaborate' and 'edit' to attach a pin. Not sure if you need to log in to a google account to use it, but I'm sure you'll find out.

    [Edit: zoom level is extreme with one marker, hopefully it will settle with use.]

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  10. I think that the 100 project will be realised eventually!

    Quite possibly. However, can we rewind a little? I've one ever so slightly heretical question: What's so special about the number 100? Yes, it's a lot of kites, but what patterns, moves, transitions would it specifically open up?

    Given practical constraints for the column height of 6-8, surely this would promote a multiple of the height as the target number? Then, looking at the "building blocks" for stock moves (modelled on the Super Sixteen principles), replicating them in the horizontal plane suggests that 64 is a good number (8 x 8 might push the limits in lighter winds and mixed abilities) or 72 (6 x 6 + 6 x 6) followed by 108 (add another 6 x 6 block to the side) and so on.

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