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  1. Mr. Scott is it a little different from the beach at TI?

    Hmmm, seems I've been rumbled!

    I'd say there are a couple of differences between Dunstable and Treasure Island:

    * it's about 240 metres above sea level (quite high compared with most of Florida);

    * the ground is green and generally lacking in sand;

    * the ground shelves quite steeply on the hillside;

    * temperatures only in the high 70s (Fahrenheit) for a few days at a time;

    * (apart from the festival) buggies and boards aren't allowed;

    * you _can_ get a good cup of tea at the local shop.

    [oh, and the petrol (gas) prices are slightly higher....]


    On the other hand, on a good day I'd say there are more people flying kites per square metre (predominantly simple SLKs). But the kites per person ratio is generally much higher at TI if Mr. R is about!

    [Anyone else care to add anything?]

  2. any updates on who's been invited to this event ? :)

    Website just says (un-edited / un-censored):





    FRENCH CONNECTION - BRUNO & LEO ( kite stacks etc)

    DAVE MITCHELL ( single line display )

    BECCLES BUNCH (Large Inflatable Display)

    I hope the 'meadow' will be trimmed before the event or you'll lose sight of the line after about, er, 50 feet. :kid_smartass:

  3. Unfortunately correct. If marked fragile often you will be questioned at check in and have to sign a waver. Your alternative as presented it not to get on the plane. Some choice.

    I suspect it depends on the airline, but we had "the waiver" last year - no mention of fragile anywhere.

    Like Big Bri we use cut down lengths of drainpipe (2.5 inch diamenter, maximum of 4 fit in the bag) and a rev fits snugly inside, so should be protected. A couple of small inflatables provide padding at the ends of the bag. We do prefer a 1.2m bag over something longer. Even so, still get a few fellow travellers who believe us when we say we've got skis (when travelling to Florida) :kid_smartass:

    Plastic security tags (through zips and tags) and security seal stickers across zips give a clear warning that tampering will be obvious. I'm more concerned that the kites will travel on the same aircraft to the same destination....

    The overhead bins vary in size so much from aircraft to aircraft and loads of travellers have the wheel-ons, so I feel the kite is more secure in checked baggage anyway.


  4. I hope this case works through well, but had to add an observation to one quote:

    I still think the only solution is a huge tax on dogs to pay for enforcement of rules and laws concerning dogs. Probably should also force dog owners to carry a liability insurance policy same as we force a driver to liability on their auto.

    Presumably the owner would be liable for a dog bite regardless of whether they were there at the time. As with autos, the problem is the ignorant / arrogant who choose not to insure (despite the law) and fail to control their weapons [that's how some of them drive!]

  5. Not denigrating the Vented SLE in any way as it's a great kite, but I had the opportunity to fly my wife's vented SLE and my vented B-series last weekend. The B-series felt much lighter to control and jumps enthusiastically to take air, when requested. The vented SLE, by comparison, felt a little more sluggish and just needed a puff more wind to perform.

    So, as others have said, having two sets of rods - rather than an extra set of flying lines - is a good exchange: if you already have a Rev with lines, I would unhesitatingly go for the B series. Extra cost maybe, but value for money is not only about cost.

    I'm just wondering whether I need to save up for a *non*-vented B series now for those low wind days.... :kid_content:


  6. Andy,

    Please see the other thread.

    We are looking at 50 fliers at Bristol but the 'record' is not the main interest.

    Okay - being undeniably thick here, but would you please post a link to the thread that says how many participants are signed up to the Portsmouth *clinic*? I guess I confused the issue mixing comments on numbers flying with clinic numbers *sigh*.


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