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  1. Any UK fliers with half inch/ 12mm spars that they don't need? Please get in touch as I'm on the lookout for chunky carbon. Thanks
  2. In the UK the best buy/sell site for sport kites is probably the Fractured Axel forum http://fracturedaxel.co.uk/phpbb3/. The chat is mainly about dual line kites but Revs do appear and if you put a request out you'll probably get some replies. I've bought and sold many times through FA and never had a problem
  3. Good to see his Rok design flying - lets make a point of showing it to Jørgen's spirit every time the Decs get together. Cheers Jørgen
  4. A beautiful creative soul - rest in peace Jorgen
  5. Hi Bart - It's always interesting to hear about your how your personality interacts with rev flying. Kites are like bikes in as much as once you've stopped falling off you never forget how to ride. So perhaps now is the time to just allow yourself to do other stuff and find the balance in your life that suits you. The revs will still be here and when the time comes (and it will!) you'll feel the urge to fly again. I bought my first rev 18 years ago but went for 4 years at one point without touching a kite. Loved them when I got back into it again. Enjoy your journey David
  6. A sunny Come Together at Weymouth 2012
  7. Hey Brian - good and also bad to hear from you - if you know what I mean. Really hope that you can overcome the illness mate. Keep smiling.
  8. Please no more pictures - just way too cruel! Hope all's going well and the rest of the week brings sun and sea breezes. Please say hi to all!
  9. What about adding Carl Robertshaw to the mix?
  10. Well hello Mr B - mighty fine to hear from you
  11. Come along to the Margate festival 24/25 Sept and say hello to the 6 old guys flying some weird looking white Revs with colour stripes (aka The Decorators). It'll be a pleasure to help.
  12. Here you go Martin http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/14-difference-in-rev-rods/ hope this adds some light
  13. The Decs have always relied on the caller shouting out the calls for the team to respond to without using radios and headphones. Usually this is fine but sometimes the arena p.a.'s are too loud for the calls to be heard, particularly by the guys at the end of the line. I'm not complaining about the sound levels though because it's great that the bigger festivals provide some quality systems. This last weekend at Bristol, was a prime case - I finished one routine absolutely hoarse from yelling! So it's about time we thought about some sort of radio transmitter/receiver set up to make things easier. We are primarily talking about voice transmission rather than music and voice together. If any teams have got set ups that they are happy with it would be good to hear the details thanks
  14. Good to meet you at Bristol and help get you started. I'm sure you'll find other Rev fliers nearby to have fun with - see you again no doubt
  15. david ellison

    david ellison

  16. So this is the one I ordered from the first set of colour combinations that Carl drew up. Looks even better in the sky than I'd hoped
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