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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. The winds have been light and variable lately. When I get a little better I'll fly in public. Sawyer
  2. I'm back in the kite world again. I've had my 1.5 out a couple of times and have learned how to crash it spectacularly. I'm learning that it pays to have a general idea of what's coming next; rather than mindless to and fro of my dual lines. Commiserating with fellow crashers would be cool. Mike in Leesburg
  3. Thanks. As to why I asked if it would work, I wanted to see for myself the difference. That's all.
  4. Curious if the SLE shafts will fit in the Signature. I feel confident they will but ... And what length are the lines for you guys doing the walk around flying? 30'? Thanks, Sawyer
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