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  1. Congratulations. TBFP2008 is waiting for your participation. A target this year is exceeding 60 sets.
  2. Team No Rivision is looking for the team member all over the world. One Sky One World Please memorize ballet and music a sake [ at that time ]. Now, No Rivision is ordering team kites. (std,vent) Let's fly together some day! Please ask a Revolution inc for team kites. Team No Rivision Leader Takashi Akutsu am writing the text using translation software.
  3. http://peevee.tv/v?3dj9c9
  4. http://peevee.tv/v?3dj79d
  5. Navy Road http://peevee.tv/v?3dj6bc
  6. Ishikari Kozo Tokyo Bay Flight Party 2007 http://peevee.tv/v?3dil02
  7. The schedule of [Tokyo Bay Flight Party 2008] was decided. It is on November 15 (Saturday) or 16 (Sunday). It is if reservation in a hotel and the party hall was made for TBFP2008 holding. Translation software is used.
  8. KARASU at TBFP,28.Oct.2007,Tokyo http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=B5kuuEYfJSU&...feature=related
  9. 4 men Blast team EZO at Quad meetihg Ishikari 2007 http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=1JhphmdLE6w&...feature=related
  10. Very first all girl quad team in the world great! GEISYA http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=RGDLorCmGiA
  11. Thank you John. I know Ikebe. However, he is not Rev flyer. There are several people who can translate English with Rev flyer. Someone Team Flying colors and GJ Boys will go.
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