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  1. Takashi Akutsu

    Bristol World Record Mega Team

    Congratulations. TBFP2008 is waiting for your participation. A target this year is exceeding 60 sets.
  2. Takashi Akutsu

    Quad Meeting 2008 Kasai Tokyo

    Japanese Cake
  3. Takashi Akutsu

    Team No Rivision member is invited.

    Team No Rivision is looking for the team member all over the world. One Sky One World Please memorize ballet and music a sake [ at that time ]. Now, No Rivision is ordering team kites. (std,vent) Let's fly together some day! Please ask a Revolution inc for team kites. Team No Rivision Leader Takashi Akutsu am writing the text using translation software.
  4. Takashi Akutsu

    Rising TBFP2007

  5. Takashi Akutsu

    The GJ Boys TBFP2007

  6. Takashi Akutsu

    Navy Road TBFP2007

    Navy Road http://peevee.tv/v?3dj6bc
  7. Takashi Akutsu

    Ishikari Kozo TBFP 2007

    Ishikari Kozo Tokyo Bay Flight Party 2007 http://peevee.tv/v?3dil02
  8. Takashi Akutsu

    Tokyo Bay Flight Party 2008

    The schedule of [Tokyo Bay Flight Party 2008] was decided. It is on November 15 (Saturday) or 16 (Sunday). It is if reservation in a hotel and the party hall was made for TBFP2008 holding. Translation software is used.
  9. Takashi Akutsu

    KARASU at TBFP,28.Oct.2007,Tokyo

    KARASU at TBFP,28.Oct.2007,Tokyo http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=B5kuuEYfJSU&...feature=related
  10. Takashi Akutsu

    Blast team EZO Ishikari 2007

    4 men Blast team EZO at Quad meetihg Ishikari 2007 http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=1JhphmdLE6w&...feature=related
  11. Takashi Akutsu

    GEISYA IN Uchinada 2008

    Very first all girl quad team in the world great! GEISYA http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=RGDLorCmGiA
  12. Takashi Akutsu

    2 Revolution 

    iQuad 2Revolution
  13. Takashi Akutsu

    2008 Uchinada Japan i Quad Demo

  14. 2008 Uchinada Japan i Quad Demo
  15. Takashi Akutsu

    No Rivision TBFP2007

    Thank you John. I know Ikebe. However, he is not Rev flyer. There are several people who can translate English with Rev flyer. Someone Team Flying colors and GJ Boys will go.