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  1. Anyone looking for a job in Seaside, Oregon? Kite experience is a plus, but not required - send me a private message if you're interested. :)

  2. Cuz everybody has a dream. :)

  3. While I appreciate the sentiment and love shown when folks are posting turtle stuff for TK and tagging me, amidst everything else (email, forums, AKA, KiteLife, managing over a dozen Facebook pages, etc), I'm just deleting them as they come.All said with love, I hope you'll understand. :)

  4. Any *kitefliers* out there familiar with these two places?- Grand Cul de Sac - St. Barth, Caribbean- Klyde Warren Park - Dallas, TXIf so, please send me a private message ASAP - I need info for an upcoming article in USA Today online, thanks!

    1. bbailey49


      I'm not familiar with those places, but keep us posted on the article. I don't wan to miss that.

    2. KiteLife


      Will do. You on Facebook? If so, hit me up with a friend request. ;)

  5. Anyone have 2 beds available in a rental during Wildwood in May? The only hotel option in our price range is a 2-star affair 23 blocks south of the festival, hopefully someone is looking to fill spaces in their room or rental a little bit closer. :)

  6. %$^#%@&.Just looking at United award travel (using miles) for Wildwood... Not going to happen, no super saver fares available within a suitable time range - looks like sadly, Spence Watson and I are going to have to pass. :(

  7. Passing exit 63 on I-5, en route to Milton with Watty and TK. :)

  8. Ahhhh... Spent 2-1/2 hours urban Rev flying today in a little grass lot by my house, felt SO good I totally lost track of time. :)

  9. Anyone making a hobby of tracking all the ads and movies that have used recognizable kites, non-kite companies that have kites in their logos, etc? If so, I'd love to speak with you. :)

  10. Yay... 452 unread emails, going to be a busy day. :)

  11. Off to SPI, same flight as Chris Chris Shultz to Houston, but he's coming in via Harlingen, I'm in via Brownsville.Someone remind me to write about our TSA experience leaving Las Vegas - later, when I've got time to really type.

  12. Mmmmm, 2am steak and eggs rule!

  13. Anyone else's FB messenger just lock up? Desktop and mobile both.

  14. So I'm working on Wildwood, already have Texas (SPI) on the schedule, and now I'm looking for a good event in the upper Midwest US... Alas, I'll be in Australia during Grand Haven so I won't be there.Any suggestions? Again, looking for an event with good energy and a strong kiteflier attendance.

  15. If I were to pick just one east coast kite event to attend this year, which would you recommend? Ideally, both competition and festival, well attended.

  16. Wow, I haven't been this sick in quite a while... Slept most of the time from 11pm yesterday to 3pm today... Took a shower twice and changed clothes (soaked) during that time, been drinking plenty of water, tea and veg soup, some fresh fruit too... Despite roughly 14 hours of actual sleep, I'm finding it hard to focus or stay out of bed... My core tells me I'm getting better, but I still need more "lights out" time.

  17. Muscles... So sore... :P

  18. Anyone have a % off coupon for CafePress they'd like to share? Been scouring the web, not a lot of specials for January. :(

  19. Looking for online video of the indoor dance/fly that Steve, Spence, Takako and I did at Dieppe last year... Anyone have a link they could share? :)

  20. Just DO it, quit waiting - this is our shot. :)

  21. Anyone know of a good, unbranded YouTube video showing **framed** power kites like Hawaiian stacks, big Rev Blasts, or similar? Working on a project, could use a hot tip! :)

  22. Hi guys, just got a call from Rev flier Jack Mackay down in the Los Angeles area and this young man is looking for experienced help with getting KGB (kite ground boarding) info re equipment, etc.Any tips for him on good online forums, Facebook groups or other resources might be around for kite ground boarding?Thanks in advance. ;)

  23. Anyone have a gallery of photos they took at Kites Over Michigan 2012 that they'd be willing to share with KiteLife? I have a report, just need some photos... Send me a PM. :)