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  1. Ahhhh... Spent 2-1/2 hours urban Rev flying today in a little grass lot by my house, felt SO good I totally lost track of time. :)

  2. KiteLife

    Favorite Revs?

    Aye Bob, the Polorev is not actually made by Rev - but I didn't want to look like a ****-blocker. lol It's all good, we're having fun - vote away.
  3. KiteLife

    Favorite Revs?

    Reminder folks, - if you want to change your votes (added Rev II and Polorevs), just click "Delete my Vote" and do the poll over again. Thanks!
  4. KiteLife

    Short Lines in Moderate winds for Tight Spaces

    Think about length of lines vs size of "canvas"... Longer lines means a larger space in which to fly. My own subjective break down:
  5. KiteLife

    Short Lines in Moderate winds for Tight Spaces

    In my bag, I carry: 30'x50# * 90x50# 60'x90# 90'x90# * 120'x90# * 120'x150# Sets marked with * see the most use, but I've valued having nearly all of them at one time or another last year.
  6. KiteLife

    Training for WSIKF2013!

    I feel the same... I won't be able to fly in the record attempt, as I'll likely be doing much of the calling. Impossible to track 99 kites on top of my own, I top out around 50.
  7. KiteLife

    Favorite Revs?

    Added Polo kites, although they're not made or finished in the Rev factory, they are authorized.
  8. Anyone making a hobby of tracking all the ads and movies that have used recognizable kites, non-kite companies that have kites in their logos, etc? If so, I'd love to speak with you. :)

  9. KiteLife

    Short Lines in Moderate winds for Tight Spaces

    Ditto, no problem with short lines in med-high winds... Gotta stay relaxed, no twitching, stay liquid and watch your acceleration.
  10. KiteLife

    Favorite Revs?

    I actually ran into a 20 answer limit on the poll, but didn't even think to see if I could up that limit as a forum admin. All good now, updated and reordered slightly. If you want to change your vote(s), just click "Delete my Vote" and do the poll over again. Thanks!
  11. KiteLife

    Getting back onto Quad

    Love to fly, and share it.
  12. KiteLife

    Getting back onto Quad

    Your energy practically overflows your posts, keep doing what you're doing and have fun. If you haven't found this already, may help some with the training process... http://www.kitelife.com/tutorials/flying-with-intent/ Best thing, connecting with another flier - it's always a huge help. Good winds!
  13. KiteLife

    lines binding-up when wet

    We deal with this problem on iQuad as well... We do try to keep our lines clean, and be really quick with applying hard tension to all four lines simultaniously when you experience line-lock. The movement is generally slightly down and past the hips, at the moment you untwist, to separate everything.
  14. KiteLife

    Antelope Island 2013

    Booya! Can't wait, one of the top 3 kite events in the USA, imho.
  15. KiteLife

    Hand position versus power generation

    You might also find the "sail loading" tutorial to be particularly useful, it goes hand in hand with having the right tuning. Example - my brake setting is pretty heavy for a lot of folks, some might not be able to launch, but with knowledge of how the sail loads and pressure is maintained, brake heavy settings aren't as difficult and can pay some real dividends with regard to performance.
  16. KiteLife

    Writing on a sail.

    Repair tape is generally "Tedlar" (like transparent ripstop tape), totally different animal than Insignia (completely opaque).
  17. KiteLife

    Training for WSIKF2013!

    Good advice all. The payoff will really come for those who arrive on Monday or Tuesday, and have a chance to slip into groups early on. The Northwest Rev fliers are VERY well versed in team flying, we have several callers, and there is lots to be learned for the early birds.
  18. KiteLife

    Getting back onto Quad

    Talk about HUMID! Singapore was crazy, like all of my skin turned into a faucet... It was all I could do finish that performance, thighs and hamstrings were SINGING for relief halfway through. I absolutely LOVE it, yes please, may I have another? <grin> Ian and Rob, you guys coming to the Redcliffe Kite Festival in May, near Brisbane? A full iQuad six will in attendance, would love to see you there.
  19. Yay... 452 unread emails, going to be a busy day. :)

  20. Off to SPI, same flight as Chris Chris Shultz to Houston, but he's coming in via Harlingen, I'm in via Brownsville.Someone remind me to write about our TSA experience leaving Las Vegas - later, when I've got time to really type.

  21. Mmmmm, 2am steak and eggs rule!

  22. Anyone else's FB messenger just lock up? Desktop and mobile both.

  23. So I'm working on Wildwood, already have Texas (SPI) on the schedule, and now I'm looking for a good event in the upper Midwest US... Alas, I'll be in Australia during Grand Haven so I won't be there.Any suggestions? Again, looking for an event with good energy and a strong kiteflier attendance.