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    Hi from the UK.

    Also, if you're a KiteLife subscriber, this tutorial is pretty thorough on the subject. https://kitelife.com/forum/files/file/684-rev-tutorial-tuning-theory-i-hd-1280x720/ Equally important is Sail Loading... http://kitelife.com/forum/files/file/702-rev-tutorial-sail-loading-hd-1280x720/ Have fun!
  2. KiteLife

    Hi from the UK.

    Welcome Steve!
  3. KiteLife

    Happy Birthday Rich

    Happy belated birthday Rich.
  4. KiteLife

    Gallery Size

    Hi Kent, sorry for the delay - been drowning in tasks here. I looked at the stats for this forum, and I couldn't find any oddities. However, I have nearly doubled the gallery storage allowance. Let me know if you're able to upload now?
  5. KiteLife

    Alden is getting older........

    Happy belated birthday Alden, see you in Wildwood.
  6. Anyone looking for a job in Seaside, Oregon? Kite experience is a plus, but not required - send me a private message if you're interested. :)

  7. KiteLife

    April is AKA National Kite Month

    Now that is a display that should get 'em talking! For those interested, more information on the NKM website, and their Facebook page... http://www.nationalkitemonth.org http://www.facebook....tionalKiteMonth
  8. KiteLife

    is dyneema line ok

    Aye, to mirror what Kent said in different words... Dyneema will absolutely work for solo flying - but you might notice a little more stretch (bounce) in the lines while flying, and likely can't twist as many times without locking up as you would with a high quality spectra line line LaserPro Gold... There is a major difference in performance, but one isn't likely to notice it until they've gained basic control over the kite. That being said, line compatibility when flying with others is a very real concern and just makes good clean sense to use something comparable. All it takes is one good team twist at a hard angle, and someone can become "the guy who cut 3 complete sets of $70 lines".
  9. KiteLife


    Terry, great to see this taking off. Could you post a street address or Google map to help folks find the park, as well as contact info for the hotel?
  10. KiteLife

    Colorizer beta testing...

    Hi all, I'm posting a link to the new HTML5 colorizer that Watty has put together... http://www.revkites.com/procolors-example We're aware that the color dots aren't perfectly lined up, but I'm sure you'll find this much easier to use than the old one. The "Auto-fill" function is really nice, and rumor has it that the next version will even be able to email you a "template" code" that tells Bazzer exactly what color goes where, and can be entered into the colorizer to re-populate the image with your color set. A quick draft, if anyone wants to use it.... Anyway, check it out - have fun, let us know what you find.
  11. KiteLife

    Colorizer beta testing...

    Slick, very slick.
  12. KiteLife

    Colorizer beta testing...

    Quick, dirty example:
  13. KiteLife

    Colorizer beta testing...

    What about making the radio buttons appear plain (on/off clickable) and just to the right of each one, add a square div with the color applied as background? Might give you a more stable and less browser-reliant arrangement.
  14. KiteLife

    Colorizer beta testing...

    Hrm... I reloaded the frames, here's what I got: Mac Chrome Mac Safari Mac Firefox
  15. KiteLife

    Server upgrades...

    Hi all, Is the Rev main site and forum loading a little faster for you now? We did some pretty major upgrades to the server, hoping it's noticeable on your end.
  16. Cuz everybody has a dream. :)

  17. KiteLife

    Never used music. Am l missing out?

    I almost always fly with music when I'm solo... Much prefer Pandora or the radio though, because of the randomness of the music, it catches me more in the moment... If I play my iPod list, no matter how many tracks or how randomized, it never surprises me with a boost of energy like unexpected tracks do.
  18. KiteLife

    Server upgrades...

    Ya, that's a Flash issue too... I'm going to guess you don't get the jumpy cursor using this colorizer? http://www.revkites.com/procolors-example Difference is, this one runs on HTML5, much lighter, faster and more universal than Flash. Confirm?
  19. KiteLife

    Server upgrades...

    Yep, should be resolved now... SQL queries were just creating too much load on the server. Keep us posted if anyone has issues hence forth.
  20. KiteLife

    Tonet my Brother

  21. While I appreciate the sentiment and love shown when folks are posting turtle stuff for TK and tagging me, amidst everything else (email, forums, AKA, KiteLife, managing over a dozen Facebook pages, etc), I'm just deleting them as they come.All said with love, I hope you'll understand. :)

  22. Any *kitefliers* out there familiar with these two places?- Grand Cul de Sac - St. Barth, Caribbean- Klyde Warren Park - Dallas, TXIf so, please send me a private message ASAP - I need info for an upcoming article in USA Today online, thanks!

    1. bbailey49


      I'm not familiar with those places, but keep us posted on the article. I don't wan to miss that.

    2. KiteLife


      Will do. You on Facebook? If so, hit me up with a friend request. ;)

  23. Bob, I've heard of a unique trait in both the Speed and Power Series (all sharing a similar leading edge airfoil) wherein you fly the kite overhead and pull the top lines like for a 3D catch, only with the Power/Speed kites, the kite goes into a strange glide and will often bank through it, eventually returning downwind on it's own. It's not an exact science and kind of and odd "trick", but it did come to mind reading your description. Playing around is what it's all about.
  24. KiteLife

    Howz My Blog….

    I'm enjoying it very much, and I don't follow all the blogs.
  25. KiteLife

    Wildwood International Kite Festival 2013

    Watty and I will be there, arriving Friday morning, leaving late Monday evening. We're in and out of DC (3-1/2 hrs from Wildwood) on red eye flights, so we gotta do what we gotta do.