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  1. Wow, I remember the one time a few years ago that the wind blew from that direction and the tide was low enough to have some beach to stand on. Pure fun! That's a great birthday present: non-fattening and no taxes on big smiles & happy memories!
  2. Steve De Rooy sent me the link to your videos. I've watched them all now several times. Wow, you have the skills! They have shown me how much more practise I need to do.
  3. Your flying is inspiring, Polo! Magnifique!
  4. For translation, I use Fire Fox's gTranslate extension, but you can also copy/paste into Babel Fish.
  5. Steve De Rooy tried out some old Sky Shark spars for verticals a few years ago and had one snap in a medium strength gust. Each leading edge spar is supported at both ends and its centre; the verticals are only supported at the ends.
  6. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd metje verjaardag! I think that you were 10 or 11 when I first met you and you were already a great flier!
  7. I've got Race Rods in one of my B-Series Standards and 3 Wrap Ultralights in the other one. I tend to fly the Race Rods more often. I find that unlike on dual line kites, the extra momentum doesn't help me with many of the things that I want to do on a Rev. It's easier for me to stop/start if there isn't a lot of extra mass. The one trick that the extra weight seems to help me with is axels.
  8. Aren't the Indoor spars longer than stock Race Rods spars? I cut down a set of original gold label Indoor Professional Use Only spare a few years ago and I seem to remember them being a few inches longer than the stock Rev 1.5 spars. Side note: my old Professional Use Only Indoor spars are .248" OD at the built-up end, .235" in the middle and .195" ID. and weigh about 9 grams once cut down to the stock Rev 1.5 length.
  9. All credit goes to johnnmitchell, I just posted the link to the article he mentioned.
  10. ^Drachen Foundation link
  11. ^that's great news, Choccy! There are few things more satisfying than seeing one of your own creations flying for the first time.
  12. Good news! I just got an e-mail from Jim- he survived the hurricanes and blizzard!
  13. It's odd how a short distance can make so much difference in the weather. I live about 50 Km south of Jim and we only got 5 or 6 cm of snow and moderately strong breezes.
  14. Current winds in Jim's area are very light I hope he survived the heavy dump of snow and hurricane winds.
  15. Those are beautiful winders, Alden!
  16. You sure get a lot of snow up your way, Jim! We only got 5 or 6cm (about 2"). Winds maybe made it into the mid-20s, strong but flyable with the Full Vent with 4 Wrap Equipped and 150# line.
  17. In a little while I'll have 3 Bazzer Pros to match my 3 B-Series Amateurs. I don't think I want to stack that many, though. It's not really my cup of tea to power kite anymore.
  18. Another beautiful sunny day with a smooth breeze right off the water. Snow was maybe ankle deep and covered up that stuff that the Canada Geese leave. I flew the 3 stack of B-Series all afternoon on 150# x 120' lines, 4 Wrap Equipped frame for the Vented, Race Rods for both the Mid Vent and Standard. I wasn't able to get any good pictures of it flying as the pull was too much for one-handed flying.
  19. steveb


    Ooooohhh! More pics of Fizzy Bob, please! OK, I need another coffee, reading comprehension running low this morning.
  20. It was beautiful this afternoon; one of the nicest New Years Day flys I've had in the last 19 years. There was a bit of sleet/rain on the drive up, but I didn't even break out the rain gear today. It cleared right up in the early afternoon and the winds were perfect for a Vented. I had a stack ready to go, but no one else showed up, so I just flew single kites until sunset. Nice start to 2009, maybe I'll beat last year's record of 215 flying days!
  21. Happy New Year from Vancouver Island! I've made it a tradition to start every year since 1990 off with a kite fly at Parksville. The Weatherman threatened snow and rain, and it seems most people believed him, as I had the park to myself all day. Winds were steady in the 10-12 knot range and though it was cloudy in the morning, the skies cleared off in the early afternoon and it was a beautiful sunny day with excellent winds. I had a great time, though it would've been nice to have a few other people to share it with. ^Clickable thumbnails
  22. I'm always up for a Victoria Rev Clinic! I'd love to check out Kitehenge too!
  23. On January 1, 2008 I resolved to keep track of the days that I flew and to get out at least one hundred times. Today was the 215th flying day for me this year. Best wishes for 2009 to our kite friends and family around the World!
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