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  1. I used some scraps of Sky Shark P-100 with Avia .2400 glued inside, as I didn't have any solid carbon rod in stock. It isn't the strongest material to use, but I have 4 or 5 sets of the older Rev handles and wanted to lengthen some of them. I don't power kite with them; I only use them in lighter winds, as long handles exert quite a bit of torque on your wrists and I found that I can fly longer without strain with the regular handles in stronger winds. I make no claim that I've innovated anything; I'd heard of people using carbon tubing to extend their Rev handles and thought that I'd give it a try on my old handles. It was so easy that I thought I'd share it and maybe help someone else. Do be careful though, the stainless steel often has sharp burrs on it that are covered by the vinyl end caps.
  2. I made a quick page of a simple modification to standard length Revolution handles. It took a lot less time to do the modification than to take the pics and post them- it's very easy: modifying Rev handles
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