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  1. Save water: shower with your kite!
  2. I finally got a chance to try out my Variable Vent experiment. Winds were perfect for the test: light and gusty from about 4-10 knots. I first used 3 Wraps and then 2 Wraps for the leading edge & Race Rods verticals on my 90# x 120' lines. The wind was quite puffy and would've been very difficult to keep the Vented going in the lulls, but as a mid-vent, it flew very well. Of course a Standard sail with light spars would've flown even better in these winds, but there's something I prefer about the Vent- the way it smooths my inputs and seems more precise. I'm encouraged with the results and will probably re-do the blockers, so they match the sail better. /apologies for the photos- it was an overcast day, the kite was 120' away and my camera only has a 3x zoom plus I'm no great shakes at one-handed flying.
  3. My favourite is the 1.5 Vented, but I will have a set of B-Series within the next day or 2.
  4. The kite's speed through the air has an effect on the pull generated too. If a stack of Blasts is faster than a stack of 1.5s, even matching the area of sails wouldn't match the amount of pull. There are few things that look cooler than a stack though, even if they are a bigger job to assemble. Spectators love them.
  5. I have never broken a Rev spar, but I do take extra care with the 2 Wraps. If the wind is light and bumpy with gusts, I'll use the Race Rods instead of the 2 Wraps. The Race Rods are often in my Vented when it's at the lower end of its wind range.
  6. If there's enough wind for the 3 Wrap in my standard, I'll often have the Race Rods in my Vented.
  7. steveb

    kite storage

    I lost a kitebag with 8 or 9 kites in it, including one of my Rev IIs for nearly a year, due to having my kites strewn randomly throughout the house and car. I only found it while looking for something else. An organization system would be a very good idea; I'll keep an eye on this thread.
  8. ^It's one of my Vented Revs that I'm trying the blockers on. I'm aiming for a variable 'mid Vent' with a bit lower wind range. Ideally I'd like to do something like the L'Atelier Plasma Project kite, which had Dacron inserts that folded into a pocket on the back of the sail, so you don't have to deal with loose bits of material blowing away when the wind picks up. Here's a pic of it with the blocker being removed:
  9. My first SUL had a lighter bridle and frame, but the sail was identical to my SLE. My later SUL had 1.5 oz ripstop Nylon for the leading edge, as opposed to the 3.9 oz Dacron the first one had.
  10. I'll probably whip up another pair of covers and use it for those days when I'm only carrying one kite. Only one kite... did I just say that?!?! It might be ideal for travelling, when baggage space is limited. Travel would be a good idea- it's raining right now, but I'll report back when I have a chance to fly it. Rainy weather = Pfaff time.
  11. Steve from Victoria does a very nice move where the kite does a slow and steady rotation as it crosses the window at near ground level- sort of like a slow clock spin while doing a side slide. Some things I've seen in other videos and enjoyed: street flying in unusual locations, like the old Flexifoil videos with Andy Preston & crew out takes with bloopers, just to show that even the very best occasionally crash, like Dave Shenkman's Advanced Rev video lots of location footage, like Dodd's old Fantasy Tour videos maybe a slide show of great photos
  12. I've been thinking of a variable vent Rev for quite some time and whipped up some removable blockers last night. I'm not looking for something to fly from Indoors to gale force winds, but wanted something for those days with light and bumpy winds. I really prefer the Vented's flight characteristics and thought that by adding removable blockers, I could extend its wind range a bit lower. Obviously it weighs more than a Standard sail, but with Race Rods or 2 Wraps, it should do OK This is just my experimental first try at it, so I didn't sew anything onto the kite. I used the stick on Velcro on the sail side and sewed it onto the blockers, so if it's a failure, there is no change to the kite. If it works well, I'll do a better job of it. This was just a quick 'see if this works' effort.
  13. I used to think that the difference between the B-Series Revs and SLE was the graphics, frame and pigtails on the handles. I didn't really see a need to get a B-Series until I started hanging out with the guys in islandQuad and I felt like the kid outside the candy store flying my old design 1.5 among their B-Series Revs. That was until I flew one. Terry and I were on 120' lines, same handle lengths, both with Vented kites with the same frames. I had my old design Vented and he had his B-Series Vented. It took a bit of time getting used to his setting- way more brake than I usually use, but after a couple of minutes I started to 'get it'. WOW! I've ordered a set of B-Series Revs and I can't wait to get them.
  14. The photo was taken at Chesterman Beach on the West coast of Vancouver Island, BC. I know where my lottery winnings would go (after I stocked up on B-Series Revs)!
  15. I can do this 'quick 'n' dirty' repair in a few seconds. It's a band-aid, not a cure. Eventually I replace the whole leading edge & mesh, but this band-aid serves until I can do a proper repair. Sewing new mesh is a bigger job and I seldom get around to it. Something as easy as this gets done today.
  16. The Speed Series Revs are quite different from the Rev 1, 1.5 & II. They pull harder and are fast! The leading edge should have a curve in it caused by the bungie tension. Some of the larger Speed Series do well in lighter winds, but the SuperSonic is best flown in medium to stronger winds.
  17. steveb

    Line Sets

    ^ Stone in Shoe Bob makes a very good point about line lengths for starting out on Revs. The 'Walk of Shame' is very long on 120' lines and you can often find Spectra in 300' rolls, which makes a quad set of about 75'. Line stretch on new sets (even with Laser Pro Gold) can become more of an issue on longer line sets, as even a few % stretching factor is magnified over longer lengths. You end up needing to adjust or equalize your lines more often. Until I started hanging out with islandQuad, 75' was my "long set", as I usually flew on 50' or shorter.
  18. OK, this is a quick 'n' dirty way to repair a rip in the mesh- think of it as a band-aid solution rather than a permanent cure. I just run a fairly tight line of zig-zag stitching along the rip, catching the leading edge Dacron on one side and the untorn mesh squares on the other. My old Vented 1.5 had several tears in its mesh and I repaired them in well under a minute. Eventually I'll do a proper job and sew a new leading edge and mesh on, but this band-aid keeps the kites going until I get around to replacing it.
  19. It'll be 7 as soon as the other Steve gets back! I used to think that the B-Series was just a 1.5 with a few tweaks and different graphics until I flew one. Wow! It was very hard to give Terry his Vented B-Series back. I'm usually not too pumped up about getting new kites, but I feel like a kid before Christmas waiting for my B-Series set to get here.
  20. I've had 1 Rev 1, 3 Rev IIs, 7 Rev 1.5s, 2 Rev 1.5 SULs, 2 Vented 1.5s, 2 Indoor Revs, 1 ShockWave, 1 SuperSonic for a total of 19 Revolution kites since 1994. I now have two standard sail Rev IIs, one Vented Rev II, one 1.5 SLE (without the SLE), and just picked 'em up today, thanks to Steve & Terry! one 1.5 Vented, one B-series Standard, one B-Series Vented.
  21. I'm not 100% sure that I'll be able to attend, but if at all possible, I'll be there with islandQuad.
  22. I don't have a B-Series set yet, but I really enjoy flying the Vented 1.5. As soon as there is enough wind, I switch over and I often use Race Rods or 2 Wraps in my Vented. The wind window seems a bit smaller than the standard sail Rev in lighter winds, but I'm really in synch with the Vented's flight. It seems to smooth out a lot of my yips & oopses when backing up or flying precision.
  23. Some pics of me and my Vented Rev
  24. Unfortunately, everyone has his hand your pocket when things cross the Border.I've had a few instances where I'd bought a kite from the States and the seller thought they were doing me a favour by exaggerating the value (in case of an insurance claim). It cost me an extra $86 in GST, Brokerage Fees and assorted other fees. I've even had to pay up to $45 Duty on my own kites that I'd leant to friends in the USA when they returned them. There doesn't seem to be any way to win the argument with the Customs Man- you don't get your kite until you pay up.
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