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  1. The mesh on that kite looks different from the material that I've seen on Revs. Some power kites have used a similar mesh on their intakes.I wonder if it would be more durable?
  2. There was an issue of the Into The Wind catalogue some years ago that had several photos of Revs with the sticks on the front of the sail. If a large professional kite store can get it wrong for a commercial photo shoot, it's not a surprise if a novice flier makes the same mistake. I saw a new guy at the field with a brand new blue B-Series with the spars in front a couple of months ago- I could see what was wrong from the other end of the park. He was pretty sceptical about putting them on the back of the sail, but after he did, his flying improved quite a bit.
  3. You're well covered for the 1.5 size- how about a Rev II or Rev I?
  4. Winds near the ground are typically lighter than winds higher up, so you don't need as much reverse once you get it off the ground. The angle of your lines to the kite changes too, depending on where the kite is in the Window. You need to change the angle of your wrists or elbows a bit as the kite gets higher, otherwise you'll have too much brake as the kite reaches the top.
  5. It's 3 photos- the rainbow was inconveniently off-camera, so I moved it over. The RevII was taken earlier in the day at another field with a dull, grey sky for a background, and very easy to select, lines and all. It was being flown on 30' lines, so the perspective might look like the lines aren't right, but they were not drawn in.Here's the original of the RevII, lines and all: Done with Photoshop Elements 2.0
  6. The word photos? Here's an easy one:
  7. I have an older Vented non-Mylar SLE (though I never use the SLE frame) and I did side-by-side comparisons with it and a B-Series Vented: each kite with exactly the same winds/lines/handles/frames. I took turns flying both and also standing downwind and watching both. The B-Series Vented had a smoother curve to its leading edge and a deeper, rounder 'bowl' in its sail between the verticals. The re-framed SLE had a straighter leading edge in the middle and angles off at the verticals. Its sail was shallower and flatter between the verticals. The deeper sail of the B-Series seems to make it more precise and forgiving. I find I get less bowties with it, even when reversing quite quickly. I ordered a set of B-Series that very evening. It is a definite improvement on the older style Rev.
  8. I uploaded a few photos last night. I still need to title them, but I've got a rough start on Island Flier. It's very cool to see other people's kites and flying areas- thanks for the space to share a few of mine too!
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    From the album: Island Flier

  10. steveb

    Where I fly

    There are some patches of evil weeds that hunger for Spectra on the grassy field that borders the lagoon. They just love to chomp on a brake line and won't let go for love nor money. It's almost as if they want to fly the kites too. Unfortunately they seem to like to steer you towards a large clump of Wild Roses. I'd be lucky to get the kite out of those bushes, let alone try to salvage the lines if I ever do land in them.
  11. Lines whistling is normal and fine. It's when the volume and pitch increase to a death scream that you're getting near the limit. /former power kiter
  12. steveb

    Where I fly

    There is nothing like flying in a smooth beach breeze. It reduces so many variables, so the kite's response is smoother and under better control. Flying in bumpy inland conditions is good training, as you have to be on your game to get the same results, but if you take those skills to the beach, you'll be amazed how much better you fly. It's a real reward for a kite lover. One of the best fliers I've ever watched flies in a large city with fickle light winds. Put him on our field by the beach and it was unbelievable how good he was. I wish there were more people around here that flew kites. I've flown at least 2 out of every 3 days all year and there were only a small handful of times I wasn't alone. That's a lot of very good wind going to waste.
  13. steveb

    Where I fly

    Piper's Lagoon is a fun place to fly. I use the obstacles as markers when practising roll-over landings and for hand/eye coordination. When the tides are out, the lagoon is a large sandy beach, but it fills up to a shallow pond at high tide- perfect for water skims. I wish that I could get a photo of a water skim, but my one-handed flying isn't that accurate yet.
  14. Listen to your lines- if the whistle turns into a loud high-pitched death scream, they are very near the breaking point. FWIW, I'd suggest 150# lines for the SLE once the winds get up in the 20s. The Vented is a lot happier in those kind of winds though- most kite wind ratings are a bit extreme.
  15. Any thoughts on replacing the 2 Wraps with Race Rods for the standard B-Series? I've bought 2 sets of them now- one of the Standard, the other for the Vented. I use the 2, 3 & 4 Wraps in my older Revs most of the time now.
  16. Thanks for pointing the Gallery out, Choccy! I'd completely missed it. I'm very envious of your scenery- the White Horse is something that I'd love to see in person.
  17. It sometimes is an issue when you're doing a mega-fly and are shoulder to shoulder- your lines can get caught on the clips of other fliers, if they flail a lot.
  18. The holes in the handles for the clips usually aren't polished and can have sharp burrs that will abrade the leaders. You could insert some vinyl tubing or a cut off vinyl end cap of the right size to protect the leaders. On my Ti handles I used stainless steel TIG wire to make a clip and then ran the leaders through a hole on the end caps:
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