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  1. I'll work on the photos. Can I attatch them directly to the forum or do I need to download to webshots/photobucket first?


    Click Browse in the lower right corner of the Reply box, navigate to the pics on your computer, Upload them one at a time, select Manage Current Attachments and hit Preview Post to see if it uploaded correctly.

    Note, there is a 2 Mb file size limit to a single post, so re-size the photos if they are larger than that.

  2. Lookin' Good, Terry! Great way to remember a perfect weekend. Was it cold? Didn't notice. I was having too much fun. Steve B and I put a cap on it with an early morning fly on Monday.

    A few pics of Brad playing with the new sculpture at Garry Point on Monday:



  3. Wow, after several weeks of the Pineapple Express pounding us with windstorms & rain, we got a beautiful break in the weather for our annual Snow Queens weekend. Great turn-out today- around a dozen Revs flying in the sunshine.

    Here's a

    of what it was like. :)
  4. Thanks to Erin for finding these kite bags. Cathy & I bought one each and are very happy with them. They hold 4 Revs comfortably and are long enough for a Rev II. I haven't tried my Rev I yet, but it might be tight on this model, as it has a 36" centre spar with ferrules at each end. There are a couple of roomy pockets big enough for several handles, line sets, stakes, etc.

    They are very well made with good quality materials. I doubt if I could make one for less money. They're perfect for a set of Revs.






  5. So far, I've bought 5 B-Series and 3 Bazzer Pros.

    The early B-Series were very hit and miss in construction. My first 2 were made out of up to 4 different types of sail cloth and each type has different stretch and wear characteristics. They got very baggy and 'lumpy' after a season of flying. My next 3 B-Series were mostly done in Icarex, but the construction looked 'rushed' and not as carefully made as other kites in that price range.

    I first flew Bazzer Pros last year and noticed how much better the craftsmanship was. There was a noticeable improvement in reverse flight, partly due to the trailing edge having a much smoother curve. Seams were sewn straight, the bias in the panels was aligned correctly and stitches were back-tacked. Little details, I know, but I appreciate someone taking the time to do things right

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