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  1. Some of the Decs, myself included, may get to the Dunstable event in January, probably on the Sunday. It may be good to have some individual fliers as potential recruits for the Portsmouth/Bristol event!
  2. OK, so I have now basically got confirmation that The Decorators, Iquad and The Flying Squad will be at Portsmouth 2008. Some of the Decs are planning to 'be available' between the Portsmouth and Bristol events with a mind to maybe travel to Bristol and using it as a base to go out and fly (Weston-Super-Mare, The Downs?) and do any PR stuff that is needed. We might even throw a bit of a party somehow <grins> What we need to do now is gauge the level of interest! Avril Baker and Martin Lester have suggested that an additional arena would be made available for the Revolution Fliers! We would be able to 'fly all day' as well as doing specific arena presentations!
  3. The Decs will not be going to Dieppe. The Revolution theme for Bristol Kite Festival 2008 has basically been confirmed by the organisers. Now we have to get down to the details...
  4. I have just heard tha Dieppe 2008 is from 6th - 14th September following on after the Portsmouth and Bristol weekend events!
  5. Felix


    Yesterday I attempted to capture some freeform flying. Today I applied a tune! <grins> Well, I thought it was amusing... I hope this works!
  6. Hmm... Correct, we had not flown together since Bristol the previous year (4 person team) but really 2005 Bristol. The ground work in the first video was well timed! The ending of the Bond piece was not anticipated correctly. Oh well there is always next year! Thanks for the videos Felix
  7. Hi Damien, Discussions are under way between various interested parties and there should be some celebration but the precise form has not been discussed at this stage. I think that it would be safe to say that any celebration would feature team flying! I understand that light wind team flying went well at Portsmouth this year! Best wishes Felix
  8. Hi, Please put Portsmouth 23-24 August 2008 and Bristol 30-31 August 2008 in your diaries for a possible Revolution event! Thanks Felix (The Decorators)
  9. Choccy, Have you got a hi res version of that image? Thanks Felix
  10. Hi Stephen, I found this forum last night. There is a tentative plan for Bristol Kite Festival to make Revolution Kites the theme of the festival in 2008. Given that some people might travel from far away places Portsmouth might be involved as well. The Decorators formed in 1988 so 2008 has some significance! We have not done much in the last 2 years. New moves come out of regular flying! I am sure we will be doing more next year. Glad you enjoyed the show. It was a bit blustery on Sunday!!! Felix
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