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  1. On 9/3/2020 at 6:09 PM, Rickie said:

    Hi nice blog, i fly often at Blackheath, i fly on the field near the Army Cadet Base, do you guys list when you'r going to the heath.


    Hi, sorry I had not seen your comment until now.  We usually fly on Sunday mornings (as indicated by the dated entries) for a couple of hours.  Generally a Rev session followed, more recently, by a Jørgen Møller Hansen or Peter Malinski kite fly... Festival attendance would usually impact our routine but here is a link to our recent activity:- https://www.felixmottram.com/decorators/eventpages/Blackheath_2020.html

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  2. Hello Big Bri,

    I only log in once a week so only just saw your message.  It is quiet here but I have carried on posting out of habit really.  I have the complete document saved elsewhere now.

    The team is working well... I am making a very brief visit to Lytham St. Annes if all goes to plan and then we are in Dieppe for the full event minus the last Sunday.

    Take care...


  3. We have not gone down the 'magic sticks' route but I suspect that structurally it makes sense.  4 wrap in the Xtra Vents is an insurance policy.  We would switch to green race first and be prepared for other variations with the other sails as well.  The kit check was just to ensure that the basics were in place as Berck can offer the full range of possibilities...

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  4. I just realised that there is a curious paradox in flying the cody that may relate to the more brake/less brake issue with the Revolution kite. With the Cody a specific wind speed will hold the kite precisely. Increase 'it' (the effective wind speed) by physical input and the kite flies over the top of the 'window' and can be brought down without undue effort. Reduce 'it' (the effective wind speed) and the kite loses altitude and a similar situation arises, obviously! It drops to the ground without delay <grins>

    There is an optimum setting...


  5. Felix - Can you clarify your spar numbering for the Robertshaws? I'm not sure I understand the 3,4,3_3,3 numbering. Is it the center of the leading edge as a 4?

    . . . I'm just curious . . . It's not like my flying ability would appreciate the subtle differences . . .

    Sorry Steve, I just made that up as shorthand but yes, since the beginning, almost, the Decs have flown Rev 1 kites with a 4 wrap centre and 3 wrap the rest. We found that this helped the less experienced fliers as well as the old hands! <grins> It's a similar thing to tightening the bungees, I suspect...


  6. I'm not actually sure if 'luck' comes into it. In the 1990's the team turned up on Sundays quite often as I recall. In the 2000's quite a few of them were based away from London so it became a bit more difficult. I flew solo, mostly speed series.

    Towards the end of the 2000's leading up to the 2008 events we began to get some new fliers on board who appreciated that weekly flying was 'a good idea'.

    I very much appreciate the contribution that the fliers make by turning out most weekend, whatever the weather...


  7. <snip>

    So sadly this may be the end of it for me. The sport is on life support. I'm not sure how much time to give it before pulling the plug. Maybe I'm not a kite guy anymore or maybe I never was to begin with.




    I fly the kite every week precisely in order to avoid all those daily pressures! Switch off and do something completely different and potentially constructive at the same time.

    I appreciate that I am lucky to have other fliers locally who are able to meet up most weekends to assist in the project.

    Best wishes


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