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  1. Actually, as far as I know Rev doesn't use anything except 4.9oz dacron for the leading edge sleeve on any kite (maybe the indoor?) unless there's a special order directly to the factory -- they'll do 1.5oz ripstop upon request. Paul LaMasters orders all of his that way, and I ordered my full-sail 1.5 Pro with the ripstop LE...
  2. Yup. To add a little more specificity to what John said, the 1.5 SUL is a polyester SLE sail with a full 2-wrap frame and a light-weight bridle. You got what you ordered...
  3. I do hope I get to see/fly with you guys while you're in town!
  4. jburka

    2011 wishlist

    Because there's not much weight difference between a standard B and an SUL -- polyester sails, 2-wrap frames.
  5. I rather like my 9' lines with my Rev II. Though I prefer my 15'. The 25' strike me as being just on the verge of too long.
  6. Yesterday's WOW First Sunday fly down on the Mall had, for the Mall, rather high winds. For a while we were in the mid-teens gusting into the 20s, but then it picked up. Definitely gusting up around 30. I think we had 6 people flying full vents (a mix of standard B and Pro) on 3 wrap frames. As the winds got higher, the kites were feeling like they'd behave better with a 4 wrap LE, but nobody was really having problems keeping control of their kite. Highest sustained winds I've flown a full vent in would be in the 30s with gusts up around 40 or a bit higher. We were flying team with 4-wrap frames and an extra 3-wrap shoved into the LE. The kites flew fine, though that would have been good xtra vent wind if they had existed!
  7. Ooh, that had to be the '92 OBSKC -- the competition where the spine of the kite Hawq Offredo was flying in a ballet event blew out and he finished the routine anyway... Good times.
  8. As I recall, there were prototypes of both kites at the 1997 Wildwood convention (I guess the kites debuted at the '98 KTA?). It seems to me they had already been named. I definitely recall flying both prototypes (and actually flew one of them, probably the shockwave, inside the old convention center -- something I determined was nearly, but not quite, impossible) The main difference to me is that the supersonic is faster and the shockwave pulls harder...
  9. Damn. Wish I could go, but I'll be at work making up for taking time off for Cape Fear! The fee is $3 per car, not per person. Theoretically the machines take quarters, singles, and plastic, but the last time I was there I had a devil of a time getting it to accept my bills.
  10. Why not just carry the rev on to the plane? I've taken revs all over the world that way...(wouldn't try it with a full Rev bag, but a single kite in a sleeve has never been an issue). These days I tend to pack handles/lines, but it used to be I'd just put 2 or 3 kites in a sleeve with a couple of line sets and a pair of extended handles.
  11. Really? I rarely have problems parking closer than any of the closest Metro stations. If I don't get a spot on Constitution (not unusual at 9-9:30), I typically grab one over by DAR Constitution Hall. It's only a few blocks up to our flying spot. Me, I'll miss this first Sunday...Cape Fear-bound!
  12. Finally! Can't wait to see you not hobbled at an event! Thanks for doing this. It hurt me to watch you...
  13. Gee, they look more like women to me...
  14. I've flown a full-vent B-series in 30-40 (not a sustained 40, but some of the gusts were certainly over...) with a double 3 and 4 wrap leading edge and four wrap verticals on 90# LPG with no issues. Switching to 150# would slow down the kite a bit, and give you more of a safety margin against line breakage, but I wouldn't consider it essential.
  15. I know Dave and Suzy Gomberg will be there. Dave is theoretically a Rev flyer, and of course he had his limited edition Rev printed by Los Hermanos...but I doubt he'll have any along with him. He sometimes has other folks with him on the Cape Town trip, but I don't know who, if any, are along for this one.
  16. They're Zen rods, which are also available in a 1.5-size frame set. They've got some definite spring to them. I've only ever flown the sticks in a Zen, so I can't really say how they compare to other rods!
  17. jburka

    Solid rods

    Just to provide a little extra stiffness; it would really only be done if you had exactly one full-sail rev and 2 and 3 wrap frames; most folks would rather just switch to a mid-vent or even a full-vent. But you can double up any sticks in the leading edge depending on your conditions and gear. I've had situations in which I've used a 3 wrap and a 4 wrap leading edge together on a full-vent kite (team flying in 40mph winds)
  18. I'll be on the beach Friday morning and staying through Sunday. Not sure how much time I'll have to get over to the rev field from the show kite field, but I'll try!
  19. Yup, two ways of saying the same thing. A lot of us just call it the B. I pretty much ignored the 1.5 from '95 until '07 when I first flew the then relatively new B. I find it to be a much better kite than the other 1.5s (while interchangeable with the other 1.5s for the frame, the sail is shaped a little differently). When people talk about the B-Series, it includes the original John Barresi 1.5 (in full sail, mid-vent, and full-vent); the Pro series (the B-series sail shape in full, mid-vent, and full-vent, but hand made by Bazzer Poulter out of 33 panels (each with the weave of the fabric optimally oriented) instead of the 13 panels in the stock ; and the Zen, which is a Rev 1 sized kite, also in the Pro series, designed for SUL team flying and available only in a full sail.
  20. Conditions this year were even harder than last year! At least this year the iQuad boys had real Zens, and not the prototypes they were working with back then... Y'all looked great out there, and the crowd loved you. Me, I was torn between wishing I had bothered packing a Zen and having way too much fun with my race-rodded II. Next year I want to see the mutant do a two kite routine in that stadium.
  21. Yeah. What they all said! It may suck in the short term, but the longer you wait, the worse it gets...as you've seen year after year!
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