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  1. Ben, remember how the last two times I saw you, you yelled at me to be careful about my knee? Yeah, well, now it's my turn! Please, please take care of yourself!
  2. My standard street flying rig is an sul icky 2 with a 1.5oz ripstop nylon leading edge, race frame, and no bridle. Damage to the sail is minimal -- I'm about to replace my current sail, but it's about 8 years old and has many hundreds of hours on it. Given that you have a B2 -- icky with a better-reinforced leading edge than I use, I suggest trying it without the bridle and on really long handles (15 to 17 inch). With a 2 or race frame, it's light enough for fast-paced indoor and great for street flying. Going back to the original poster, I'll just pile on with everyone else and say that you have what you need for light wind flying -- except experience. So now it's all about practicing! Have fun with it!
  3. <sigh> I'll be at work. Have fun, though!
  4. No me either...the tiny little beach in Ocean City was hard enough on my knee; I can't imagine trying to make my way around the Wildwood sand, and there are other events this season to which I need to be able to go! I think this will be the third Wildwood I've missed since '92.
  5. I'll let anyone try any of my revs. Except Rich.
  6. Or not. The only sleeved lines I have are ones that came that way; I haven't sleeved a line myself in, oh, probably 17 or 18 years now. Not even the 1800# spectra I use on show kites. Makes creating a quad set much easier; I just change the length of the tail on the red braswell knot to make the sure lines are even.
  7. I'll be in OC, but mostly sitting on the sideline this time. My knee is still pretty screwed up and I don't know how much time I'll be able to spend standing on sand.
  8. Mathematically speaking, you don't...a matrix can be two values with either form: a ) [ 1 2] or: b ) [1 2] So have at it, boys...personally, I wanna watch you team fly in that second format...
  9. May 6th and 7th, 2011. (I just turned down an invite because I'm still dealing with recovering from my knee surgery. <sigh> but if I didn't, Ben would kill me...)
  10. Actually, the original NTK can be flown from a standard dual line set...I got to fly one of Margo Brown's back in the mid-90s. Obviously you miss out on the nifty spool and it helps to have long arms.
  11. You _do_ know that that's because we were all visiting Dennis in the hospital, don't you?
  12. As I recall, Ian turns 11 later this year.
  13. Ben -- still don't know if I'll make it down to the Mall on Sunday (partially depends on catching a ride with someone!), but I'm hoping to see y'all... (yes, my surgery went fine and I'm now slowly recovering.)
  14. I forgot to add my B2! Oops...grey/purple. Damn, what a sweet kite.
  15. Try playing around with your B2 on some extended handles (the 11s that come with it really aren't long enough; try 13" or longer). Double-axels are ridiculously easy with it...
  16. Okay...now try that rig one-handed on 15' lines in a 10+ wind. (someone called me a show-off at KP9 last weekend; I was just resting my hand!)
  17. Huntington Beach is in Orange County, south of LA. It's an easy and fairly pleasant drive from San Diego -- should be under two hours.
  18. The good news: I'll be there. I'm at a conference in Palm Springs through Thursday and will drive up to Huntington on Friday. The bad news: I tore my ACL a few weeks ago skiing and am limping around in a knee brace until the 17th when I have surgery. I have no idea if I'll be doing any flying. <sigh>
  19. The big question for me is how long I'll actually try the stock B2 with handles before I yank off the bridle and attach my 17" handles!
  20. The B2 is packaged like a standard B -- both two and three wrap frames. The frames are of the new three piece frames. And, as usual, your retailer can order varying framesets at higher cost. I ordered my B2 from The Kite Shoppe with a race and a 3-wrap frame.
  21. Alas, not yet. But this morning I got an email from Theressa saying mine has shipped.
  22. Theresa says mine should ship early next week. Woohoo! "Sadly" I'll be in Park City during the February first sunday WOW fly, so I won't be able to bring it down to the Mall. (slightly more sadly I'll be in OC Maryland this weekend and the kite will be in San Diego)
  23. happy birthday! have a great time in TI!
  24. I've accepted an invitation to attend, so I'll be kicking around the field. As usual, I'll be traveling with my heavy gear, but I always manage to bring along at least a few Revs to play with...
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