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  1. I'm driving up Thursday morning and staying until Tuesday....looking forward to it after having to miss last year!
  2. Thanks, y'all. I'll look forward to seeing most of you in OC this weekend, and Ben....somewhere? (maybe you'll make it to Wildwood?)
  3. Oooh, fun! See you in less than two weeks!
  4. Well, Jim, not if you act now! I reserved my room at the Oceanic just yesterday... It's helpful that they love having us kiters as guest.
  5. Yup, that's the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The folks from Wings Over Washington fly there occasionally, though not on any set schedule (unlike the First Sunday under the Washington Monument). Jeff King of WOW lives just a few minutes away from Sandy Point.
  6. jburka

    If You Had One

    I've posted this one before but it remains my personal favorite (and desktop background at work). Taken in the Hindenburg hangar in Lakehurst, NJ.
  7. jburka

    older rev

    The only revs that needed different-length lines was the original Rev 1, back in '89. John Mitchell could tell us exactly when the bridle was fixed to allow even lines, but I'm certain that there was never a production 1.5 kite or bridle that used non-equal top and bottom lines.
  8. It's too soon for pictures! Or didn't you see the part about still needing to choose colors? I ordered my Shook mesh in mid-july and it wasn't ready until mid-october. Quality takes time! Yeah, an xtra-vent would have been cheaper. But, no disrespect to Bazzer, it wouldn't look so damned fine!
  9. Woo hoo! Finally got the Shook Masterpiece 100% weave I commissioned back in July. Eliot Shook 100% weave Masterpiece Rev by jburka, on Flickr
  10. Here's my set of Mike Van Meers handles. La Master's wouldn't want them -- they're too short and have my name stamped into 'em! I've put them next to a standard B 13" handle. Most of the handles Mike made back in the mid 90's were in the 11" - 13" range; I may have the longest set he made. The only real problem with the lack of foam is that in higher winds the handles can twist a bit in your hands; there's not enough friction from the sanded wood.
  11. It's not a rev. At least using the definition of a product of Revolution Enterprises. Anybody who's spent any decent amount of time doing 3-d bridleless flying knows that a Rev will work "inside out." But they also know the kite flies better the other way around.
  12. ALL revs are put together with their longerons on the back of the sail. Always. Disregard any photos you see on the interwebz suggesting otherwise; they're wrong.
  13. Annnnd....I'm not going. I slipped and fell on the stairs last night as I was making final preparations to drive to OC...and broke my kneecap. Naturally, this was the knee I had the ACL reconstruction on in March. Surgery to bind the broken bones together will be on Monday evening; I won't be at Convention next weekend either. Have fun, y'all.
  14. Kind of an odd statement. Plenty of folks have talked about the difference between the 2 and the B2, and it's silly to think there's not much of a difference. The B2 is just what the name implies -- a 6' wide B-series kite with all that entails: more LE camber, deeper belly, optimized sail design, longer handles with pigtails, and two frame sets in the package. The B2 is to the 2 what the original B is to the EXP or SUL 1.5. With thousands of hours on the 2 over the past twenty years, I can categorically state there's plenty of difference... (other folks have already answered the "which" question perfectly well!)
  15. Should be arriving at my place in OC late Thursday, on the beach for SunFest fri-sun. I'll be in Wildwood for dinner the next Friday, staying until Sunday.
  16. I think there's a misperception about what the Zen is built for. It was designed explicitly by and for iQuad to use for precision team flying in extremely challenging conditions. When you're a guest at a festival -- especially one where the organizers have spent a fair amount of money to get you there -- it's fly or die time. The Zen makes it a lot more likely that you'll fly. Yes, there are other revs that a skilled flyer can work in those conditions. Hell, if the winds are that light, I'm probably happier flinging around my race-framed bridleless 2 than a Zen. But that's me as a solo flyer. If I'm flying with friends at the Washington Monument in those conditions, the Zen simply can't be beat. Yes, the Zen feels heavy on the lines. It's an absolute truck. But that sail loads properly in virtually nothing and the kite will do what you tell it to do. There's no question that the Zen is a specialty kite...but then it's also priced like one.
  17. When did Rev start including the videotape? I know the Rev I ordered in 3/89 (just after the switch from Neos) did not include the video... That kite is in spectacular condition and I, too, don't recall seeing that particular blue/black combo before. Good luck, Barbara!
  18. I was supposed to be spending four days in Ocean City, MD, but it looks like Irene is heading right for us. Yay. So a mandatory evacuation order goes into effect at midnight and everyone is supposed to be out of town by 5pm tomorrow. We'll be packing up and heading out first thing in the morning. Guess packing my Warbirds in hopes of some good high-wind flying was for naught. At least I don't feel bad about never having bought an extra-vent! I know Jay has been taking care that the Kite Loft crew stays safe as well...
  19. jburka

    Rev Bag

    My Rev bag typically has 3 Rev IIs, a 1, a Zen, and 10-ish 1.5s. It won't hold Power Blast 2~4, but just about anything else is fine. Also have 7 or 8 line sets and 4 or 5 sets of handles in the bag. They're extremely well made and durable and I've been very pleased with mine. The only downside is that everyone's rev bag looks alike so you have to be careful to pick up the right one at the end of the day!
  20. Anyone want to take a stab at comparing this Rev I variant to the Zen?
  21. I use the rev roll-up bag to store my kites...and I just store them without sleeves. Typically one slot holds 3 rev IIs, the next holds a couple of full sail 1.5s (20th anniversary, Pro), the next has mid and full vent. Then comes custom kites, then the Zen and a 1, and finally all of my spare rods. I really can't see any point to wasting space on sleeves inside the bag... Now, if I were carrying around revs in another kite bag, that might be a different matter...
  22. Then I'm especially glad I couldn't make it and instead will have to hang with you Swift Current! Current forecast for the 24th is sunny and mid-60s. Sounds about perfect.
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