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  1. A great weekend of flying was had by all. Many thanks to the various Riders who made it and let me join them on the line a bit on Saturday and Sunday. It's been entirely too long since I've flown team and I'd been bumming about missing out the whole time I was in Berck (too busy elsewhere on the field!), so it was especially nice to join you.
  2. Heading down Friday after work and will be on the beach Saturday and Sunday...
  3. 3 more hours of work before I start heading to the airport. Kind of excruciating! Really hoping my scale is correct when it claims my bags are at 49 pounds each... See y'all tomorrow.
  4. I'd say neither -- for me, it's all about the arms. Much like the way iQuad style of flying, it's all about maintaining sail loading; as long as the sail is loaded, you'll have instant forward available when you need it, and you can get that just by rowing your arms.How much you move your feet is dictated just by what you want to do. If I want to stand in one spot, it's possible to keep things going just by doing an up and over and then allowing the kite to float back around the circle to the "downwind" spot where I initiated the up and over. This is where the 17" handles are useful. the II can get basically flat to the ground and do a beautiful float if you have the handle throw to let it.To keep things light (even lighter than the Rev snag-free 17" handles), I use a set of old 11" handles in which the below-the-bend section has been doubled in length by inserting a piece of Easton AC .330 (aluminum tube wrapped in carbon). Very light, very strong. You just need to learn not to smack yourself too often in the thigh with the extra length! If anyone following this thread will be there, I'll have my IIs with me in Berck starting next week...
  5. Yup, that's all it takes. Though I'll also point out that when I fly a II without a bridle I like to use 17" handles...
  6. The bulk of my low wind flying (indoor and calm outdoor) is currently done with a bridleless race-framed B2 on 10 to 25 foot lines.While the kite flies beautifully indoors (thought it definitely takes more input and finesse than an Indoor), it's more than strong enough to handle winds up to 10+, so I never worry about fragility issues. All of that said, I have flown my Indoor outside...but I couldn't guess at a safe wind range (it'll depend somewhat on your flying skills anyway). The line length you choose will depend on how you want to work with the kite and whether or not there's actually any wind. Shorter lines test your reflexes, but the kite will feel more responsive. Longer lines can allow for more grace, particularly downwind, but will require a lot more work/skill if you're working at the back of the window. B2 indoor: Same kite, outside:
  7. I wondered when this thing was finally going to show up...it's been ages since you first mentioned it to me at some festival or other... Very cool.
  8. Huh. Turns out I'll be at Berck this year, for the full event. As usual, I'm coming as a show kite flyer and I'm not sure if I'll have time to fly revs, let alone how much, if any, rev gear I'll manage to fit into my luggage allowance. But, yay!
  9. That's XKCD #118. Here's Randall's policy on copying: http://xkcd.com/license.html
  10. Hooray! I'm finally going to make it to WSIKF! I can't make the whole week, but I'll be arriving in Long Beach sometime on Wednesday and staying through most of Saturday...need to fly home on Sunday morning! Hopefully that'll be enough for the mega fly.
  11. The bulk of the sails in the photos you linked to are dye sublimation printed by the Gonzalez Brothers (also known as Los Hermanos) out of Spain under license from Rev. They have a number of stock designs (either their own or done in collaboration with others, such as Bai and Polo) but will also do custom sails if you provide the graphics. In the US, you'd contact Ben or Lolly to arrange something like that; I'm not sure about in Europe! Other kite makers will occasionally do one-off custom designs. I have one from Bazzer that was a commission from a friend of mine, who worked directly with Ben, who then had Bazzer make the kite. The printed sails fly very nicely, and are much cheaper than commissioning custom applique work.
  12. Oh, crap, now he's even starting to talk like JB...
  13. Well, I can tell you that I ended up with the Burkhardt, but I don't know who scored any of the others!
  14. Yup, there's an annual one day festival in Cambridge in Sailwinds Park, right by the Choptank bridge. This year it's on Sunday, 10/21 (in previous years it was the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend). Although it's officially from 12-4, the kiters will probably be there around 9-10am. And we'll have lots of revs, in addition to some show kites and other goodies.
  15. And they don't suck to look at either!
  16. jburka

    RevII Spec

    Nope, I just can't be bothered. Don't think sleeving accomplishes enough to be worth the effort.
  17. jburka

    RevII Spec

    I don't sleeve any line, including the 1800# spectra I use on my show kites (any sleeved set I have is one I purchased or received, not one I made from bulk line)
  18. jburka

    RevII Spec

    My long lines are 25'. I also have 15's and 10's, though the 10' is really only for space-constrained flying; I wouldn't normally choose to fly on them, but they're useful to have around.
  19. jburka

    RevII Spec

    Yup. Like I said, with a stock 3-wrap (labeled "Ultra Light") frame, the only reason to swap to a vented kite is to slow it down.
  20. jburka

    RevII Spec

    Honestly, with the stock 3 wrap frame, I think you'll stop flying it before you risk damaging it (well, assuming you don't power dive straight into the ground). The only time I can remember breaking a stock spar in a II was at Berkley, in fairly high winds, doing a tip stand inside some sort of pipe sticking out of the ground; the kite twisted while the tip was still in the pipe and I popped a LE rod. And thats in about 21 years of flying IIs. So, really, don't worry about wind speed. If you can control it, it'll handle the wind. The primary reason for a vented II is to slow it down...
  21. Heading down Thursday night, so I should be on the beach fri-sun. Big change this year: the auction will be on Saturday night so we can have Sunday as a proper flying day!
  22. After a lovely weekend attending the 34th annual Wright Kite Festival at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, I was barely on my way home when the impeller in my car's water pump broke into three pieces, leaving my car inoperable and me nearly three hundred miles from home. Through the incredibly gracious help of fellow festival attendees and Rev flyers Jim Cosca and Dennis Hawley and Deb Zack, who turned around on 158 to come back toward the OBX and rescue me, I was able to get my car to a service station and then get back home along with virtually all of my kiting gear so I wouldn't have to risk leaving it in my car in North Carolina! The service station was able to fix my car by mid-week, but I was still at a loss as to how I was going to retrieve it, until Cath and Eliot Shook stepped in and offered to pick me up at the Norfolk airport and drive me to the service station. Ben talks a lot about the Family, and this is just another example of how kiters, and especially Rev flyers, come through for each other. As Cath and I were walking across the service station's parking lot, she asked, "Do you think Joe had any idea what he was creating when he invented the Rev?" I don't see how he possibly could have. So a big thank you to all of you who helped me over the past week or so. You made my life a heck of a lot easier. jeff
  23. Uh, Rich was joking...see his own avatar! I don't even know how many Shooks Rich has, but it's enough that he's loaned spares to me at festivals!
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