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  1. Where will we actually be flying? There's a big chalk lion visible on GoogleEarth - is that the actual Downs?
  2. Ha ha! That would be so lucky, wouldn't it - hundreds of quid spent and an 800mile round trip for two days sitting in a golf club car park wondering where all the soft southerners were...! Ha!
  3. Well folks, that's me all prepared, I think. Friday and Monday booked off work, hotel booked and paid for, and sat-nav purchased. All set and ready to go. S'just a pity that there hasn't ONE SINGLE windy weekend day since the Ainsdale meet in November...! So I'm no further advanced than then. Grrr! Oh well, it'll make next weekend even more of a learning experience, I guess. LOL
  4. I'm going to make it up. In fact it's already written. The first part is all about how the Scots came down and routed the Sassenach scum. Again. But then there's loads about all the great Rev flying and cameraderie and stuff.
  5. I'll write something JB - though you mightn't want to rely on it as THE definitive report, what with my virtually complete inexperience.
  6. Not much gets past you, does it John.....?
  7. This is all getting really quite exciting, innit? S'getting bigger and bigger every day.
  8. Dear All, I may no longer be able to come in January - I fear I will still be laughing too hard at Stephen's fantastic, sneaky, outrageously clever, face-saving, shut-the-f*ck-up-the-lot-of-you, manouevre here! Absolutely outstanding. Now, I'll probably annoy a few people here (if so, tough - come and see me on Dunstable Downs, and find out what I can do with a half-inch upright from a Blast... ), but Stephen's clarification a la insurance, should frankly, not have been necessary. Quite apart from the fact that we're all friends and amateurs, if any of you moaners bother to skim through this entire thread from the start, the insurance issue can't be clearer. It was a discretionary thing originally but for all the reasons explained by Stephen, now it's not. Live with it. To conclude, there's two things to bear in mind. 1 - It's for YOUR protection, and 2 (particularly for anyone daft enough to be threatening not to come on the grounds of enforced expense)- IT'S A BLOODY FIVER WE'RE TALKING ABOUT! EVERY ONE OF OUR KITES COST AT LEAST TWO HUNDRED QUID!!!!! Please - lets all get this into perspective! I for one can't wait to meet up with the Ainsdale Mob again aswell as all the other names I've seen so much on here, so come on - LIGHTEN UP! Fraser PS Seems we are indeed a Family though - what with all this bickering at Christmas. Ha ha!
  9. Hey Bob - Happy Birthday from me too.
  10. That's not fair Watty - getting our hopes up.....! Ha ha ha! I think that's so funny! (though I have seen your kite and it is a WEE bit gay.....
  11. Would only show £51pn. The other travelodges show £19pn though. Just the glorious British Way - they've had some inquiries, so they charge full price, on the basis that there's a chance that some people will really want to stay there.
  12. How about: The rooms are three times the price......
  13. He hee! That wee chap on the left is fantastic! LOL
  14. Ach! Mere technicalities! 40mph wind? - Get another T-shirt on and cut a coupla extra vents in yer B. High tide? - Wear yer wellies!
  15. Everytime I hear this story, the wind is stronger... Don't listen to them - the wind was about 20mph and they were all rubbish at flying - 'specially that American bloke, so they hatched a plot to dupe us all into believing that they were all heroes and were flying beautifully in Hurricaine Gertrude. They even speeded up a vid and posted it on YouDupe! Pah!
  16. Ha ha! Thank you Bob. I really was beginning to wonder just how I would get it (though Stephen's being rather generous with his 'Fraser can hover upside down pretty much as he wants' comment... LOL). To my amazement, it was Stephen's suggestion that I think of upside-down as 'vertical-but-over-a-bit' that did the trick! Still can't believe it's that simple, but hey - it pretty much works, so that'll do for me. All-in-all, a fine experience. I only wish that circumstances hadn't conspired to make attending only on Saturday the only real option. I'll certainly do my damnedest not to miss any future such meets. Thanks again ALL concerned - it was a pleasure.
  17. Na, it loved it! First proper caning it's had in ages! LOL
  18. And so it should, ya big Southern Softie. LOL
  19. T'was an absolute pleasure Bri. Great to met meet you all - first of many, I hope. Well worth 9 hours driving and a hundred quid in petrol! Bizarrely, I'm not kidding! LOL (anyway Bri, it was only 4.1m miles - you do exagerate! Everyone SUPER-friendly - a credit to the 'Family', and loads of great advice: Mr H is a star - I actually improved noticeably with each tip. Thanks everyone.
  20. Guess what I've forgotten?!! The whole 'Insurance' thing talked about earlier! Arghhh! Can anyoine help? There must be a way to buy on-line, but I've no idea where to look. Fraser
  21. Hello Peeps, Thank you Stephen and Bri - that's nice of you both to say. Circumstances are conspiring against me somewhat, meaning that I can only take advantage of Saturday. In addition, plan after plan has been thwarted by one thing or another meaning that the only sensible option is for me to get up proper early and come down and go home by train on the same day. So that's the plan unless anything else goes pear-shaped. Clare - after a 4:30 gerrup and four hours travelling before I even get there, I shall need a cuppa waiting for me upon arrival! Fraser
  22. Well we know you don't stay - by the sounds of it, you check in then go walkabout wi' yer bits out!
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