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  1. I'm sure, Felix. I certainly hope we all get together again in 2009 - hopefully more than once. I'd love to meet everyone again.
  2. You lazy git, Barresi - I knew you'd wriggle out of it! Ya big girl's blouse! Let's have less time spent hobbling about kidding on you've twisted your ankle and more time shooting Rev DVDs in future!! PS 'Git' is an affectionate UK term for a... er.... well, git! TAXI!
  3. You should all have listened to me back at post #10 and saved yourselves 99 posts! Ha ha! We might also have avoided the thankfully brief resurgence of Brit-embarrassing sniping back in the middle of the thread. I do not understand why some people seem incapable of taking advice or even hearing comment from people far more accomplished at this kite mularkey. To be honest, I don't really care, but it's becoming a real stain on this forum in my opinion. It seems that nothing was learned from the examplary attitude of our overseas visitors and the experienced flyers from here. What a shame.
  4. This is not the first time this has been said about Stephen.....
  5. Aeorchic - see above quote.
  6. The scrote who stole my lighter didn't look the type to put anything into an auction - he'd be more likely to be crawling around backstage pinching stuff off the table before it started. (Eventually, I shall find a pic somewhere and post and shame...) PS It wasn't Felix! LOL
  7. How about the 21st Anniversary of Revolution at Berck next Feb...? Everyone I spoke to said Berck's just brilliant - enormous beach, perfect constant wind, slightly better food than Brit rip-off beach/event catering and all the Europeans can get there easily. Sure, the Yanks'll all need to travel millions of miles, but they love it really...
  8. I'd have to dosagree with you there, Jezza. Holding a pretty damn good grid for '5-10mins' - especially in that breeze is every bit as much of a challenge as a mexican wave. If a single line of 48 doing a 'wave' is a record, then 55 (or 54) holding a grid most definitely is. Fraser
  9. I nearly peed my pants when I read this Jeremy! What a fantastic bit of slapstick - we could end up scrambling fighter jets and causing naval collisions! Ha ha ha!!
  10. Yep, me too. For example: the handles - does the bit of string with the most knots in it go at the top, no - the bottom, right?
  11. This sounds like a job for Pie.Eating.Gorilla. I think someone should brief me and point me in the right direction....
  12. Hmmm, I rather like the idea of one of these in my bag. (JB, remember - I still have those photos....... )
  13. So it would seem! Pah - I dunno - you go away for a wee while and everything goes to pot!
  14. Oh dear - what a pickle all this is: Fallings out, post deletings, etc etc. I do hope all this will blow over. I've been blown away (no kite-pun intended) by the level of friendship and helpfulness I've experienced over the last year or so and from the VERY first day when JB chatted at length by email, enlightening a total newbie to kites in general, Revs and indeed, forums. I hope that general spirit smoothes over all the misunderstandings and that me jumping in in full devilment mode hasn't added to it all. It's a big. big sky out there - plenty of room for us all, eh? Fras
  15. Hello Everyone. Wow, what a fantastic thread - I wish I'd been in on it from the start. I'd have had SUCH a laugh by page 3! I haven't read such a hilarious 'dummy-throwing' post EVER!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Outstanding! 'Missing the point'?? Oh yes indeedy! Never, EVER, has a point been missed so spectacularly. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
  16. Disappointed, more like. Ha!
  17. Na Watty - like all the soft southerners (south of Ainsdale, that is), he bottled it when I told him to head over the border into Scotland, so I had to get out. I've been walking ever since!
  18. Is this one of Julian's (Jeremy) home vids.....?
  19. You are SOOOOO gay, Julian. MWAH_HA_HA_HA_HAAAA!!!!
  20. Aye, in the blood o' ye weak, Sasannach pansies! Och aye! LOL
  21. Hi Choccy, No, I've been a bit quiet - don't know why really... :confused!: LOL Great to see Sunderland on the calendar - Portsmouth/Bristol still seems AGES away yet!
  22. Hey Stephen, Put me down for a couple of days clinic-ing too, why don'cha.
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