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  1. ha, just saw this Monkey..... Ha, whole bag, not quite. I carry about a dozen kites minimum (in the Orvis Full sized Carry-on padded case). It is like a wallet or a cell phone, handy always! Then there's another bag of excessively sized quads that don't fit or make the cut to the "A" bag. Mini-Ryvs? A case for 4 stacks, hard-sider, plastic waffle board lined and Brianne's sewing expertise to turn it into a double sided case. I can carry half of it or all. each stack is six kites, three are 42 inch LE baby revs by Harold Ames, the last is a 36 inch set by Paul Dugard,... they need 25-40 mph to take off and are a hoot hiding by a structure whilst flying THEM out into that gale. Each half case holds two stacks of six kites if I could only have one kite though it would have to be a Zen,... I've abused four of 'em to valueless rags since introduction of that model. Gust buster, no wind long line super reliable demo kite, superb teaching aide, defines the words "slow and graceful" in flight dynamics (for example; axels are timed with sun dials!) Walking on foot to my local park, at least 14 kites accompany me, together with a dozen sets of handles, lunch (my Barbara is queen of sandwiches!). I tow a wagon, can't imagine why anyone would try to carry the kite supplies on their back only.
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