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  1. And to prevent further confusion the travel frame is 10 rods because each one is half the length of a regular rod. So, when it's all put together, you end up with the same framing in the kite whether you're using a travel frame or not.
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  2. The New TRINFINITY String-art REV 1.5 design is now completed and in the hands of "Los Hermanos Show Kites" for printing. The skins should be arriving in mid-November at Revolution Kites for completion. They are expected to be ready for delivery by the end of the month, just in time for Christmas. There are three color schemes you may choose from, - Rainbow Radial - Fire - Ice In addition to the attached images you may also view them larger at: http://johnnmitchell.com/Trinfinity/index.html# These are screen printouts of the graphics:
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