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    RevWizard et al, I contacted Revolution, and received a quick, friendly reply. (as expected from reading other comments on this board about their customer service) I got some answers to my inquiries, and I thought I would pass them along, if you are interested. What year were the made? 1995 or so. (I was fairly sure I bought the kite before 1996) How many were made? A few hundred. (I think I made a good choice taking into account that the Advantage Classic was the second two line kite I ever owned) Price? About $250.00. Kite only, no lines. (It's been 17 years, but $235.00 is the number that pops in my head.) And finally the most important question, does this kite count toward the answer to the question, "How many Rev's do you own?" Kinda, a little bit. But the question refers to our 4 Line Revolutions. (Can I say Half-Rev or perhaps a Step-Rev?) Thanks for all the replies. I still haven't gotten to take the Rev 1.5 SLE out to play, but I did fly some SLK's with line laundry last weekend.
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    A fantastic weekend together with pilots from Germany, Belgium, Switserland and the Netherlands. Experienced teampilots together with pilots with no previous experience joined together. Tips & Tricks...a lot of practice...a lot of talking about Rev Kites... And it turned out all very well....we had fun !!! BIG fun.


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