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  1. I have had a Zen for a few weeks now. Been flying inland in Colorado at 5000 feet. I have been flying the Zen much more than my 1.5's. I find it very nice on 30 foot lines in low wind. More of a street flying style. I never tried my Indoor outside, I like the Zen for that because if a gust comes up the Zen handles it well. The Indoor has much more float and lot less inertia. Catches are not easy with the Zen. I am still not sure I will use the Zen for competition. I don't like its turns. It is hard to snap turn. I have not done a decent flick much lest a flack. When trying to move the Zen to a snappy beat in ballet it is not that responsive as compared to 1.5. There is a tendency to oversteer. That will be overcome with practice. I love the way it looks. I got the Mardi Gras colors with lime verticals. It looks brilliant in the sky with back light. It has great presence. Loves to fly backwards, and loves to axle. Multi Axles and cascading axles are very easy. Strong things. Street Flying Looks Axles Weak Turns precision and up tempo ballet. John
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